Rank 2 and 3 Spells in House of Thule

Getting your Rank 2 and 3 Spells in the House of Thule expansion requires you to collect Nebulous Dream Fragments (Rank 2) or Tangible Dream Fragments (Rank 3). You can find Nebulous Dream Fragments off of named enemies throughout the expansion pack as well as occasionally off regular enemies.

The Tangible Dream Fragments come from chests that appear after successfully completing a House of Thule raid. Depending on what level spell you want determines which of the Dream Fragments you should bring with you to the NPC. Here's an easy to follow list in a better format going over the different level Spell Runes.

Glowing (Level 100 Spells)

Greater (Level 99 Spells)

Median (Level 98 Spells)

Lesser (Level 97 Spells)

Minor (Level 96 Spells)

Depending on what Rank spell you're after will determine which of the two different NPCs you'll be wanting to visit. If you want a Rank 2 spell you'll need to turn in a Nebulous Dream Fragment to Kaelynn in Feerrott: The Dream. She's found in the northern most portion of the zone in the "town" portion of Feerrott: The Dream. Use my map below for some additional guidance.

Kaelynn Stearns Map Location

For those looking for Rank 3 spells you'll need to go to Spensur in The Grounds; I will give more details about Spensur and Rank 3 spells further down the page.

In addition to needing the Dream Fragment for your upgraded spell you may also need to raise your reputation a little bit with the Dream Delvers faction. Kaelynn only offers 3 tasks (the ones shown in the screen shot below) if you're not indifferent faction with her.

For Rank 3 spells you'll need to be at least amiable faction in order to see all of the tasks that Spensur offers to you. The fastest way to grind your reputation up with Dream Delvers is to complete the Mercenary tasks in House of Thule, Lower Floors.

After you hail Kaelynn or Spensur a window similar to what we see above will pop up. Accept whichever task it is you have a Dream Fragment for and then hand that Dream Fragment back to the NPC to complete the task. Once you turn in a Dream Fragment to the NPC you'll get another window pop up similar to what we see in the screen shot below.

Select the Rank 2 spell (or 3 if you're at Spensur) that you want and that's basically all there is to it! If you're looking for Spensur for Rank 3 spells then scroll down a bit further. I give all the details you need to know about Spensur down there.

Rank 3 Spells - Spensur in The Grounds

As you probably already know for the Rank 3 Spells you'll need at least amiable faction with the Dream Delvers as well as a Tangible Dream Fragment. With both these things accomplished you'll want to travel over to The Grounds where you'll find Spensur.

He's found in the eastern central part of the zone; if you get a port to this zone you only need to travel a bit to the northeast to reach him. If you're running to this zone from House of Thule, Lower Floors then you'll want to run directly east when you zone in to reach Spensur.

If you're confused about his exact location just use the screen shot I have below. The blue circle on the right side of the map is the location of Spensur.