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Binding Powder

Binding Powder is another item in Everquest that you will find dropping off of all different types of mobs you come across while you're leveling up. Much like the Cultural Items, Binding Powder drops in different tiers as you level up. I've included a list of each of these tiers on this page a little bit further down, before we get into that and the prices of each of the Binding Powders I'd like to give you a bit of information about them.

Binding Powder is a common component in Spell Researching which has been slightly nerfed when EQ went F2P and all of the spells 1 - 85 were added via vendors in Plane of Knowledge (PoK). There are, however, still many reasons to level up Spell Researching and as long as there is a single reason to do it (Achievements) players will do it which means these will always be selling. I have found (even after F2P) that the prices of Binding Powder are very good, in the upper levels each Binding Powder will net up to 50pp or more!

Below is a complete list of all the Binding Powder that you will come across while leveling up in EQ. The first one on the list (Crude Binding Powder) is the lowest level version of the binding powder and the final one (Rune Binding Powder) will be the highest level version of the Binding Powder that you can find. As far as selling the binding powder goes, below each item on the list below you will find an average price of how much you should expect to sell it for in The Bazaar.

List of all the different types of Binding Powder:

Binding PowderCrude Binding Powder

1pp each (usually I just vendor these)

Binding PowderMakeshift Binding Powder

10 - 25pp each

Binding PowderElementary Binding Powder

25 - 50 pp each

Binding PowderModest Binding Powder

20 - 45pp each

Binding PowderSimple Binding Powder

About 20 - 25pp each

Binding PowderBinding Powder

25 - 45pp each

Binding PowderRefined Binding Powder

45 - 75 pp each

Binding PowderIntricate Binding Powder

25 - 55pp each

Binding PowderElaborate Binding Powder

45 - 75pp each

Binding PowderOrnate Binding Powder

30 - 65pp each

Binding PowderRune Binding Powder

10 - 150pp each

Depending on how many people are selling it and your server it could go for close to nothing at all or a really large amount.

Well, that about does it for Binding Powders! You now know everything there is to know about selling this stuff, which lucky for you will put you one step closer to being extremely wealthy. In closing, much like the Defiant Gear, Spell Research Materials, Sunshard Materials, Cultural Items, Uncut Gems and all other Tradeskill Materials... If you are a Free to Play player you will be unable to set up a trader in The Bazaar to sell these items.

It is very important that even if you can't set up a trader you hold onto these items until you become a Gold Member and can sell them. Even if you highly doubt you ever will still hold onto them! You never know if Sony will lift the trader requirement or allow you to buy a trader via Station Cash or whatever. These items sell for far too much for you to just waste them and vendor them.