Sunshard Loot

Sunshard items in EQ are a set of crafting items that start dropping around level 10 and continue to drop all the way up until max level. It starts with Sunshard Dust which drops from mobs that are levels 10 - 45 and sells for usually 1pp each. And then Sunshard Pebbles start dropping from mobs that are 45 - 60. They sell for usually 1pp each from what I have seen, much like the Sunshard Dust does. Both of these items can be completely ignored if you want when it comes to looting, I usually grab the pebbles just because but have a habit of leaving the dust.

It isn't until level 60 when you start getting Sunshard Ore to drop does the real money come rolling in. Sunshard Ore usually sells for 250 - 450pp a piece. This is an absolutely insane amount of money for a single piece of ore especially since you will get 1 of them every 10 or so kills. If you're a high level player farming lower level mobs you can get about 10 ore with each pull (if you pull an extremely large amount of mobs) on top of the other loot you will get like Cultural Items, Binding Powder, and Research Materials.

What I am trying to say is that Sunshard Ore is one of the best money makers from mobs that are 60+. It not only sells for a ton of money but it sells quick and is always in demand as people are always looking to raise their Tradeskills.

Below is a list of each of the Sunshard products that you will find while leveling up in EQ and a little bit about them. Information like sell price, level range that the items drop in and even the best places you can farm them can be found below.


List of all the Sunshard Loot in EQ:

Sunshard DustSunshard Dust

Sunshard Dust drops from mobs that are levels 10 - 45 and sells for usually 25pp or more in the baz. Sometimes it doesn't sell at all, it depends on your server.


Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Sunshard Pebbles drop from mobs that are levels 45 - 60 and sells for usually 25pp + in The Bazaar. Sunshard Pebbles are the first items that I start holding onto in the sunshard loot lineup. Even though they only go for a small amount of plat I know that they will always be selling and sometimes knowing that the money is constant makes up for the fact that it isn't a lot. If you're a player looking to farm Sunshard Pebbles and you happened upon this page I have you taken care of as well, below are some of the best locations I have found for farming Sunshard Pebbles.


Sunshard OreSunshard Ore

Sunshard Ore drops from mobs 60 - 75 and sells for upwards of 300pp + in The Bazaar. Sunshard Ore is the best money maker of all the sunshard items you will find throughout the game. As I mentioned before each piece of this ore will net you upwards of 300pp each which is an awesome amount of plat for just a single item. Even if you're not a Gold Member you will still want to hold onto the Sunshard Ore for when you do become a Gold Member or to sell the old fashion way of asking in /ooc or /1 if anyone wants to buy them.




Binding PowderSunshard Powder

Sunshard Powder drops from mobs 75+ and sells for 25pp + in The Bazaar. Sunshard Powder is the final Sunshard item in the game and drops from all mobs past the point that dropped Sunshard Ore. As aforementioned it doesn't sell as well as Sunshard Ore but it is still worth hanging onto to sell in The Bazaar as money is money regardless of how you look at it.