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Tradeskill Materials Worth Selling in The Bazaar

As you probably already know there are tons of items out there that are used in Tradeskills. The main question is how to tell what items these are and which of them are valuable. To tell if an item can be used in Tradeskills you will want to right click it in your inventory and hold for about a second. This will bring up the item's information window. In here you can normally see an items stats if it has any as well as any additional information about the item.

In the bottom area of this window there is a box, let's call it, that has additional information in there. In this box it will say "This item is used in Tradeskills" if the item can be used in Tradeskills. An example of this can be seen below in the Brick of Ethereal Energy's information window.

After figuring out what items are used in Tradeskills the bigger question is which of them are worth hanging onto. The Brick of Ethereal Energy which can be seen above is vendor trash. During PoP it might have been worth something but as for now it's total vendor trash. An example of a few timeless items that will always be worth some plat are High Quality animal pelts, Nodding Blue Lillies, Deepwater Ink, Spiderling Silk, Spider Silk and the list goes on.

If you're hunting in an area and you click on an item on one of my pages and it links you here then it is worth selling in The Bazaar. Otherwise it will be hard to tell what is worth hanging onto and what is worth just vendoring. I'll try to keep this page up to date with all of the Tradeskill items you will want to keep but there is always a chance I might miss one or two that are worth selling in The Bazaar but are not on this page.

Nodding Blue Lily

Deepwater Ink

High Quality Bear/Wolf/Cat Pelts

Spider Silk

Spiderling Silk

Chronal Resonace Dust












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