Everquest "Uncut" Gems

Much like Cultural Items there are Uncut and Raw Nihilite Gems that drop from all different types of mobs in Everquest. However unlike the Cultural Items and the Research Materials players will find from killing mobs in EQ these Uncut and Raw gems do not have any level restrictions or requirements. What I mean by that is an Uncut Black Sapphire gem can be found on a level 50 mob from The Hole or a level 80 mob in Toskirakk.

Since these items come from literally almost any mob in the game the prices of them in The Bazaar tend to be much lower than the previously mentioned cultural and research items. However they are still definitely worth looting and selling as with how many you find the amount of plat you make off selling them will add up quickly. As for the use of these gems they're used in Jewelcrafting to make more powerful gems for a specific type of accessory. I don't know much about the accessory or the gems these make, I just focus on selling them and let a Jewelcrafter do what they want with the raw materials!

Below is a list of all the Uncut gems and also the Raw Nihilite gems with a round about price of how much you can get for them in The Bazaar. Keep in mind the prices will fluctuate from server to server so even after reading the price here you will still want to look the item up in The Bazaar before you price it yourself.

List of "Uncut" Gems

Uncut AlexandriteUncut Alexandrite

About 5 to 10pp each

Uncut AmethystUncut Amethyst

About 2 to 5pp each

Uncut Black SapphireUncut Black Sapphire

about 10 to 25pp each

Uncut Combine StarUncut Combine Star

About 1pp each

Uncut DemantoidUncut Demantoid

About 10 to 25pp each

Uncut GosheniteUncut Goshenite

about 1 to 5pp each

Uncut JacinthUncut Jacinth

about 10pp each

Uncut MorganiteUncut Morganite

About 5 to 10pp each

Uncut RubelliteUncut Rubellite


List of Raw Nihilite Gems

Each of the "Raw Nihilite" gems sell for an extremely low amount as they are more common than the other gems and as far as I know not used in as powerful of recipes as the others are. You will still want to loot these and sell them in The Bazaar, don't be fooled by their low prices, money is money either way. However sometimes these damn things don't sell at all. If that's the case you will just want to vendor them. These gems are one of the only gems on the page with an actual vendor price. It's only a few gold but it's a nice alternative if they won't sell.

I would list all of the prices individually like I did for the gems before but these gems all kind of have the same prices and there aren't many of them. Each of the gems sell for 1 to 5pp each, rarely will they ever sell for more. So you get the most accurate price possible be sure to search The Bazaar for each of them before listing them. If someone has one of them up for an insane price (like 500pp) don't bother undercutting him by a couple plat and hoping it will sell. There is like a 0.01% chance of that happening, just list it for 5pp and keep your fingers crossed that it sells for that amount.

Raw Amber NihiliteRaw Amber Nihilite

Raw Crimson NihiliteRaw Crimson Nihilite

Raw Indigo NihiliteRaw Indigo Nihilite

Raw Shimmering NihiliteRaw Shimmering Nihilite

List of 50+ Gems

These gems are the main money makers of the random gems you will find throughout EQ. You won't find these gems until you start killing at least level 50 mobs but at that point in time they will be extremely rare. It isn't until the mobs are 70+ that these gems will become more and more common. Eventually you will start finding one of them ever 10 or so kills instead of every 70 or so kills like it is on mobs around level 50.

The prices of these gems vary depending on which of them you find but you can expect to get 100 - 500pp for each of them! As I have mentioned time and time again, even if you aren't a Gold Member and can't set up a trader it is still very important that you hold onto items like these. You never know when Sony will allow you to purchase a trader or purchase the ability to set one up or even when you're going to subscribe to EQ and become a full time player!