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Slime Rancher Guides & Walkthroughs

Slime Rancher is a life/farming simulation game that has you play Beatrix LeBeau a fresh new Slime Rancher who is just starting her journey. In Slime Rancher you're tasked with capturing, feeding, raising and breeding slimes for money and for access to different areas on your planet. This game reminded me a lot of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley -- just with slimes.

Slime Rancher Title Screen


Slime Rancher Walkthrough

Slime Rancher Ranch Layout

This game is a play your own way sort of game and there really is no wrong way of playing. My walkthrough covers my way of playing the game as well as shedding some light on how the mechanics work and giving you all of the mandatory knowledge you need for them. I include multiple checklists throughout my walkthrough too, basically once you reach a certain point they're lists of things you should complete before advancing the game further.

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- Slime Rancher Walkthrough Part 1
- Slime Rancher Walkthrough Part 2
- Slime Rancher Walkthrough Part 3


Treasure Pod Map Locations

Slime Rancher Treasure Pod Guides

I've cropped maps of each area of the game with every treasure pod marked on them. There is a complete map of each location here which is the one I cropped - however looking at that giant map on mobile is very difficult so I cut it up into more manageable zones. Full credit goes to the original author though, it's the best map ever for the game!

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List of All Gordo Locations

Slime Rancher Party Gordo

One of the ways to progress the story in Slime Rancher is to find Gordo Slimes and feed them enough food to make them pop! Below you'll find a guide that includes every single Gordo location - both a map screenshot and an explanation of where it is.

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Misc Slime Rancher Guides

Slime Rancher Misc Guides

Every guide that doesn't fit into one of the sections above can be found below. A Beginner's Guide can be found in the list which gives you a break down of almost everything you need to know when you're first starting out the game. I've also included guides for Slime Science and the Range Exchange as well as the locations of the 3 secret vaults that you gain access to at the very end of the game.

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