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Gordo Locations in Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher Gordos

Gordo Slimes are unique slimes in Slime Rancher which can be found throughout the world in areas outside of your ranch. There is at least 1 Gordo Slime per type of slime in the game and when you feed a Gordo enough food they'll burst, typically revealing a Slime Key that you can pick up or unveiling a teleporter you can use.

Slime Keys are one of the primary items required for progression in Slime Rancher. They're used to open the locked doors you come across throughout the Far, Far Range. You can also use Gordo Snares which are created via Slime Science to capture a Gordo but those Gordos operate differently and don't give Slime Keys.



Pink Gordo #1 - The Dry Reef

Pink Gordo 1 Location

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 30 units; no favorite

When starting the game this is often the first Gordo you'll pop since it gives you one of the Slime Keys you need to progress. You can reach this Pink Gordo by crossing a wooden bridge in the central portion of the Dry Reef to the piece of land surrounded by water.

Since this Gordo is a Pink Slime you can feed it anything you want and there is a Pogofruit tree on the small island right next to it which spawns 5 Pogofruit a day. It has no favorite food so you'll have to feed it 30 units of anything to pop it.

Pink Gordo 1 Map Location

Phosphor Gordo - The Dry Reef

Phosphor Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of fruit; Cuberries are favorite

The second Gordo you should pop is the Phosphor Gordo which is found underground to the north of the Pink Gordo. Finding this guy can be rather tricky, you have to jump off the ledge towards the water where you see my arrow pointing at on the map. You can see a pathway on the map that runs along the water's edge - it's a darker shade of pink, this is what we're aiming for.

Phosphor Slimes only eat fruit so you'll need to feet it either Cuberries or Pogofruit from around the Dry Reef. Alternatively you can also feed it Mint Mango if you've made it into the Moss Blanket zone too.

Phosphor Gordo Map Location

Tabby Gordo - The Dry Reef

Tabby Gordo

Reward: Teleporter to your Docks/Overgrowth
Food Req: 50 units of meat; Stony Hens are favorite

Your first Tabby Gordo is found near the bridges that lead to the Moss Blanket entrance. Much like all Tabby Slimes it will only eat meat, Stony Hens are its favorite and count as 2 food each. The best tip I can give you is if you find Chickadoos shoot them into the area behind the Tabby Gordo. When you come back the next day they will be grown up and you can then feed them to the Tabby Gordo.

When you pop it you will find a teleporter that takes you to and from the area between the Docks/Overgrowth Ranch Expansions. This is pretty much a quick travel to the Moss Blanket once you open it with a Slime Key.

Tabby Gordo 1 Map Location

Tabby Gordo #2 - The Dry Reef

Tabby Gordo 2

Reward: Teleporter to the island in Dry Reef
Food Req: 50 units of meat; Stony Hens are favorite

This is typically the second Tabby Gordo that you'll come across in the game since you can't access this area without purchasing the Overgrowth Ranch Expansion. What I like to do for this Gordo is to scoop up all the chickens I have in the Overgrowth and feed them to him. Usually when you vac up all the chickens in the Overgrowth more spawn a few times allowing you to get a bunch of chickens at once.

After you pop this Gordo you'll get access to the small island on the western side of the Dry Reef. On that island you'll find the last Pink Gordo and the next one in our list.

Tabby Gordo 2 Map Location

Pink Gordo #2 - The Dry Reef (Island)

Pink Gordo 2

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 30 units; no favorite

You can find the final Pink Gordo on the southwestern island in the Dry Reef. To reach this location you will need to burst Tabby Gordo #2, he's sitting ontop the teleporter that will take you to this location. Once on the island you'll find the Pink Slime up ontop of a ledge. It's a pretty linear route to get to him but you'll need a Jetpack.

There is quite a bit of food to find scattered around this island but I recommend bringing some of your own over from the Overgrowth area on your Ranch.

Pink Gordo 2 Map Location

Honey Gordo - The Moss Blanket

Honey Gordo Slime

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of fruit; Mint Mango are favorite

A Jetpack is required to reach the Honey Gordo but he is quite easy to find otherwise. When you enter the Moss Blanket you'll want to go directly west until you hit a wall. Use any of the nearby rocks/ledges to levitate up top of this ledge and you will find the Honey Gordo up here waiting for food.

Honey Gordo Map Location

Hunter Gordo - The Moss Blanket

Hunter Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of meat; Roostro are favorite

The Hunter Gordo is the second Gordo to be found in the Moss Blanket and the hardest Gordo we've had to pop yet. You have to feed this guy meat - Roostros are his favorite but it is too difficult to get them in mass quantities so feed him any available meat you can find.

My recommendation is to use your Overgrowth Ranch Expansion and Vac-pack up all the Hen Hens in this area. If you keep sucking them up they will keep spawning, once you get a full tank of them you can head up to the Hunter Gordo and pop him.

Hunter Gordo Map Location

Rock Gordo #1 - The Indigo Quarry

Rock Gordo 1

Reward: Teleporter to The Grotto on your Ranch
Food Req: 50 units of vegetables; Heart Beets are favorite

You will find the first Rock Gordo shortly after entering the Indigo Quarry from the Dry Reef; just follow the path east and you will run into him. This is the more important of the two for you to pop since it will open up a teleporter back to your base from the Indigo Quarry. I like to place my Drills in the area surrounding this teleporter when I am mining Indigonium.

It's up to you if you'd like to grow a bunch of Heart Beets back at your farm and bring them with you to Indigo Quarry for the 2 Rock Gordos here. Usually you'll find enough vegetables while exploring Indigo Quarry to pop all 3 Gordos here.

Rock Gordo 1 Map Location

Rock Gordo #2 - The Indigo Quarry

Rock Gordo 2

Reward: Teleporter to the island in Indigo Quarry
Food Req: 50 units of vegetables; Heart Beets are favorite

The second Rock Gordo in Indigo Quarry is found at the northern most portion of the zone, almost directly east of the teleporter back to your Ranch. In order to reach this Rock Gordo you'll need to sneak behind the large rock wall which cuts this small island in two. Use your map/my map and you'll find the small walkway that leads here.

You can find some Heart Beets/Carrots in the area around this Rock Gordo, much like the other vegetable eating Gordos in this zone he will be easy to feed without bringing any food with you.

Rock Gordo 2 Map Location

Rad Gordo - The Indigo Quarry

Rad Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of vegetables; Oca Oca is favorite

The Rad Slime is deep in the heart of Indigo Quarry in a small cave which his Rad Aura takes up the majority of. You can find two routes that take you to the Rad Slime - you can Jetpack across the water near the broken bridge and land on the alcove to the north of the Rad Slime.

Or you can run the long circuit around all of Indigo Quarry following the rather linear path through the entire zone. After you cross the area with the Rad/Pink slimes that attack you on sight take the southern path instead of the northern one that leads to the exit portal. It leads you right to the Rad Slime.

Rad Gordo Map Location

Crystal Gordo - The Indigo Quarry

Crystal Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of vegetables; Odd Onion is favorite

In order to reach the Crystal Gordo in Indigo Quarry you'll need to first burst Rock Gordo #2 (pictured above) to unlock the teleporter that takes you to this island. Once on the island you can find the Crystal Gordo by climbing up the mountain using your Jetpack, he's found at the top surrounded by a rock ring.

Much like all of Indigo Quarry there is an abundance of vegetables in this area so you don't really need to bring food with you if you don't want to. A couple minutes of running around and collecting what's in the area will do just fine for popping him.

Crystal Gordo Map Location

Quantum Gordo - The Ancient Ruins

Quantum Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of fruit; Phase Lemon is favorite

The Quantum Gordo is found at the northeastern most portion of the Ancient Ruins. In order to reach him you'll need to hit a nearby switch that is above him and follow a narrow walkway down to the room he's located in which is close to the water level in this area. For video directions check out my How to Reach the Quantum Gordo Youtube Video.

As with all Quantum Slimes, the Gordo's favorite food is Phase Lemons. I strongly recommend you bring fruit with you when you want to pop him rather than scavenge food in the area. There isn't much to be found in the Ancient Ruins as far as fruit goes and in order to pick any of the Phase Lemons you'll need to shoot another fruit into them. Check my How to harvest a Phase Lemon tree to see what I mean.

Quantum Gordo Map Location

Boom Gordo - The Ancient Ruins

Boom Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of meat; Briar Hens are favorite

You can find the Boom Gordo in the middle of the Ancient Ruins; you'll usually see the back of him first before you find the part of him you can feed. In order to reach the front-end of the Boom Gordo you'll need to go through the doorway next to him and Jetpack across the water to reach him. To open the door next to him you'll need to activate the switch in the middle of the Ancient Ruins, check out my How to Reach the Boom Gordo video for better directions.

Briar Hens are the Boom Gordo's favorite food, but I recommend you just feed him regular Hen hens instead. If you own the Overgrowth Ranch Expansion you can get an unlimited supply of Hen hens by continously sucking them up with your Vacpack. More will always spawn if you suck up enough of them in the Overgrowth.

Boom Gordo Map Location

Dervish Gordo - The Glass Desert

Dervish Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of fruit; Prickle Pears are favorite

The Dervish Gordo is found on a ledge near one of the Tangle Slime statues that you need to feet a plort to activate the southern water fountain in the desert. In order to reach the Dervish Gordo you will need to climb up onto a broken stone wall then onto a broken stone arch. From here you'll be able to Jetpack across to his platform. Check out my How to reach the Dervish Gordo Youtube video for a video guide.

I recommend you bring food with you to feed this Gordo since there won't be much fruit in the Glass Desert until you start to reactivate the flowers throughout the zone and bring life back to the area. Bring some left over fruit that you've grown on your Ranch to feed this guy - or wait until you've started to grow Prickle Pears on your own farm then feed him with those.

Dervish Gordo Map Location

Tangle Gordo - The Glass Desert

Tangle Gordo

Reward: 1 way teleporter to Ranch
Food Req: 50 units of meat; Painted Hens are favorite

The Tangle Gordo is both the easiest one to find and pop in the Glass Desert. You'll find him in the central portion of the zone and there is a long ramp that leads directly to him - he's quite hard to miss! In order to pop him you'll need to feed him meat, Painted Hens are his favorite.

Assuming this is your first time in the Glass Desert you've probably not activated any of the plants yet which start the slime spawns. This means you'll be able to find chickens en masse throughout this entire zone. I also recommend you place your own custom teleporter in the general proximity of this Gordo to easy to and from travel to the Glass Desert.

Tangle Gordo Map Location

Mosaic Gordo - The Glass Desert

Mosaic Gordo

Reward: Slime Key
Food Req: 50 units of vegetables; Silver Parsnips are favorite

Much like with the Dervish Gordo you will have to do some floating through the air to reach this guy. Towards the northern portion of the Glass Desert zone, in the area just before the Dervish Statues which unlock the northern-most fountain is where you will find the Mosaic Gordo. If you'd like to see a video on how to reach this Gordo check out my How to get to the Mosaic Gordo video.

I recommend you bring your own food from your Ranch when you want to burst this Gordo. Finding vegetables in the Glass Desert can be difficult - if you've yet to restore life to the desert by activating the plants finding vegetables will be nearly impossible.

Mosaic Gordo Map Location