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Slime Rancher Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Slime Rancher Beginners Guide

This page includes a list of beginner tips and tricks that I wish I knew when I first started playing Slime Rancher. I've tried my best to list the tips and tricks on this page in order from start of the game to the end of the game but the information here will be useful to you no matter what stage of the game you're currently on.



Beginner Tips and Tricks

1. Turn your regular slimes into Largos and keep (at most) 15 in each Corral.
- Largos produce 1 plort for each type of slime they're combined with. A Pink/Rock largo will produce 1 plort of each with regular food and 2 plorts of each with their favorite food.

2. Feed slimes their favorite food for double the Plorts

3. Once you unlock Slime Science you can setup Drones which will automate some tasks on the ranch for you

4. When you want to make money focus on raising your slimes at home, when you want to progress the story forward focus on exploring

5. Don't bother too much with the Range Exchange until later in the game. Focus on getting a stable farm first and exploring the world.

6. For the first part of the game don't bother with Hen-hens or Chicken Coops

7. Feeding a Largo the Plort of a different slime will cause him to transform into a Tarr Slime. This slime is deadly to the rancher and can't be farmed for Plorts or for money in anyway.

8. Try to mix meat eating slimes with slimes that eat fruit/veggies. Since it's much easier to make fruits and veggies with Gardens than it is to breed chickens you'll typically want to make Largo combinations that help towards this end.

9. Some slimes have mechanics that cause issues if they're kept around other slimes. Quantum Slimes, for example, will almost always escape their cages when agitated. Boom Slimes like to blast their Plorts out of the Corrals sometimes and Tangle Slimes will pick up any food or Plort within a short distance around their cage. Last but not least, Dervish Slimes will throw around any food or Plorts in the area with their tornados. Your slimes will do these things more often if they're left agitated (meaning not fed). Be careful which Largo combinations you house next to other slimes, if you're not careful you can have a fullscale Tarr outbreak on your hands.

10. You don't need to rest in this game, your character never gets tired nor is there any penalty for staying up 24/7 and never sleeping.

11. Tarr Slimes are much more likely to come out at night since Phosphor Slimes spawn everywhere during the night time.

12. Build Drones ASAP as they will let you automate all farm tasks

13. Create gadgets at the lab to unlock the Treasure Cracker upgrades

14. Press the button on a Silo to change which slot you store items in. Each 'side' of a Silo can hold 3 different items!



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