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Slime Rancher Walkthrough Part 3 - Endgame Content

Glass Desert Custom Teleporter

Once you arrive in the Glass Desert the first thing you'll want to do is setup your own teleporter so you can get to and from this location instantly. My favorite place to put a teleporter in the Glass Desert is in the central part of the zone right behind where you find the Tangle Gordo. As for where I place it on my Ranch, right behind my house. There are two gadget spots behind the house and this teleporter goes into one of them.

The location in the Glass Desert is a good spot not just because it is in the central portion of the zone but also because there are tons of nearby gadget sites for gathering Slime Science Resources. Once we start bringing life back to the Glass Desert you'll also find tons of Dervish and Mosaic Slimes in this area with a small group of Tangle Slimes to be found nearby as well.

For our first foray into the Glass Desert the most important things for us to accomplish are learning the zone and setting up our portal for easy to-and-from travel. I don't recommend you start collecting slimes from the Glass Desert until you've unlocked at least one of the Range Exchange's extra plots of land. Mochi's Manor is typically the easiest to unlock in my experience and that will give us 5 extra plots of land to play with.

After you've unlocked more plots of land you'll have room for the 3 types of slimes we find in the Glass Desert. Below I have made the first check list you'll need for the Glass Desert - below that you will find a map which you may find helpful in locating many of the areas throughout this zone.

1st Visit to the Glass Desert Checklist:

- Scout the zone & learn it
- Drop our custom teleporter
- Unlock extra plots of land via the Range Exchange
(Alternate) Pop the Tangle Gordo for Tangle Slimes and pop the Mosaic Gordo for Mosaic Slimes
- Activate the Rock Plort water fountain near the center of the zone
- Collect Mosaic, Tangle and Dervish Slimes for our Ranch
- Collect Silver Parsnips to start a Garden with and Prickly Pears to start a Garden with

Glass Desert Map Locations
Full credit for this map goes to this steam user.

Rock Plort Fountain: Found a little to the southeast of the Tangle Gordo, this is the easiest fountain of them all to activate. All 3 of the Rock Plort Statues are within close proximity and right out in the open, if you'd like to see their locations via map format check the Rock Plort Statue in Glass Desert Slime Rancher wiki or my Rock Plort Statue Locations Video.

Mosaic Plort Fountain: Directly west of the Tangle Gordo location you'll find a small island that you can Jetpack to. On this island you can find the 3 Mosaic Plort Statues within close proximity. If you'd like to see their locations in a video check out my Mosaic Plort Statue Locations Video.

Tangle Plort Fountain: Another difficult one to locate all 3 of the statues. One of the statues is found north of the ramp that you came down from the Ancient Ruins your first time here. The second statue is next to the crumbled rock wall you have to climb to reach the Dervish Gordo. You'll find the last statue on a raised platform slightly southwest of the Dervish Gordo that is somewhat difficult to reach, check my Tangle Plort Statue Locations Video for an exact location.

Dervish Plort Fountain: This is probably the hardest fountain to activate, two of the statues are easy to find but the 3rd can be tricky. It's above the fountain and you'll need to hover using the Jetpack to reach it. For map locations of each Dervish Plort Statue check the Slime Rancher wiki. Or watch my video on where to find each Dervish Plort Statue.

Once you've successfully activated a fountain you will want to use the Vacpack to suck up some water from the fountain for the 'Ancient Water' 30 second buff. This buff will allow you to 'activate' any of the plants you come across in the Glass Desert. A picture of an inactive plant is shown below so you know what it is I am talking about.

Glass Desert Inactive Plant
An inactive plant in the Glass Desert. To activate it splash it with Ancient Water.

If you'd like to see map locations of all these inactive plants check out the Glass Desert map I linked to above. Each time you activate one of these plants you'll create a small ecosystem which spawns numerous types of slimes and generates fruit/vegetables and other goodies for them to eat.

Use this opportunity to collect Mosaic, Dervish and Tangle Slimes for your Ranch if you haven't already collected them. Tangle Slimes can be difficult to find since they don't spawn in every area, the location I like to collect them the most is just south of where you found the Tangle Gordo. Here you can find a raised platform with stairs leading up to it with an inactive flower in a small cubby. Tangle Slimes will spawn in this area once you've reactivated the flower.

There is one more type of slime you can obtain from the Glass Desert, Fire Slimes. Occasionally while exploring the Glass Desert the screen will glow red and large smoldering rocks will be thrown around the area along with a pillar of flame somewhere in the vicinity. Sometimes when these rocks hit the ground they pop out Fire Slimes which are a unique type of slime similar to Puddle Slimes.

Fire Event in Glass Desert
Fire event in the Glass Desert.

Fire Slimes can only be kept inside of an Incinerator on your Ranch and they are fed by shooting food into the Incinerator which creates ash, which is what they eat. In my experience it is very inefficient to farm Fire Plorts to sell as it takes a lot of labor to upkeep an Incinerator versus regular slimes in a Corral. However, you may want to add an Incinerator on your farm so you can deposit their plorts into the Refinery incase you want to make any of the very few gadgets that require Fire Plorts.

Aside from collecting the available slimes and reactivating each of the flowers we also still have one Gordo left to burst, the Dervish Gordo. If you haven't already you'll want to burst the Tangle Gordo as well as the Mosaic Gordo as well. We'll need their Slime Keys for the post game content which I will explain in a bit.

One of the last things for us to do in the Glass Desert is to discover the final Hobson Notes and watch the end credits. The game doesn't end after you watch the end credits so don't worry - technically we need to watch the end credits to receive a flag that allows us to access "The Vaults" which we'll talk about later.

You can find the final set of Hobson Notes (there are technically 4, if you want the whole story) at the northern most point in the Glass Desert. There is one note leading up to 2 doors next to a switch and another note right in front of the two doors. Hobson explains to Beatrix that you have 2 doors in life, follow your love or follow your adventurous spirit.

Final Hobson NotesHobson Starmail
The two final Hobson Notes in the game and Hobson's Starmail about the secret vaults.

As you approach the area shown in the screenshot above you learn about Hobson's choice and why he decided to follow the path he did. Once you've read the final note you will get a Starmail back at your Ranch from Casey, Beatrix's love interest who sends you mail through the entire game. Exiting out of this Starmail will give you the credit roll with a love song about Beatrix and Casey.

I like the story they told in this game and the ending they chose, it's cute and not many people can pull off telling a story like this with bits and pieces of lore here and there. Slime Rancher was a game that continued to surprise me as I played it. Anyway, as for what's left - you will receive a Starmail from Hobson shortly after watching the end credits where he tells you about 3 Secret Vaults that he unlocked for you to explore.

There isn't much left to do in this game, depending on how closely you've been following my guide all we have left is Treasure Pods, The Vaults and making the perfect farm. You may have some Range Exchange tasks left too depending on how much you've done.

Below I have made a checklist which covers basically every task that I would consider end game in Slime Rancher. Everything on this page is reiterated in this checklist incase there was anything you missed earlier.

End Game Checklist:

- Burst Tangle Gordo, Dervish Gordo and Mosaic Gordo in Glass Desert
- Activate all 4 fountains in the Glass Desert
- Revitalize all the plants in the Glass Desert
- Find the final Hobson Notes and watch the credits
- Do all Range Exchange Helper Quests
- Collect all the Treasure Pods
- Make the perfect Slime Rancher Ranch
- Automate the entire farm with Advanced Helper Drones
- Visit "The Vaults"

You can work on each step of that checklist in any order you desire. For the rest of this page I will be covering my endgame Ranch setup which is customized for both Slime Science and making tons of New Bucks!

Slime Rancher Final Ranch Setup

It's up to you exactly how you'd like to setup your endgame Ranch, the setup you see above is what I did on my second playthrough after learning from all the mistakes of my first playthrough. Even if you don't copy my exact layout you can still learn a lot from it based on which slimes I combined and where I placed them.

(Main Ranch) I keep my only Incinerator here along with my only Silo. As far as slimes go I chose to put Mosaic in this area since I can feed them all with Silver Parsnips.

(Overgrowth) All my Rad Largos go here along with one Oka Oka Garden to feed them all. The pen you see my Boom/Rad Largos in is the best pen to keep slimes that shouldn't be kept around other slimes. I put Boom Largos in here since they occasionally explode and scatter plorts. Earlier in the game before you unlock Range Exchange locations I would recommend keeping Dervish/Tangle slimes in here.

(The Docks) This location I like to keep Quantum/Honey Largos because they teleport out of their cages and it's super annoying dealing with them. You want to merge Quantum Slimes with a friendly slime type (like Honey) so you don't get attacked when they're hungry and break out of their cages. Also, unless you feel like wasting tons of your time constantly putting them back into their cages you shouldn't put Quantum Slimes in an area with any other types of Plorts they can eat. This is why I chose the Docks for these slimes, it's out of the way and they have no chance of getting to any other area of your Ranch to eat Plorts. In my experience the only downside of putting them in the Docks area is they teleport out of their pens and get stuck on the rope walls.

(The Lab) IMO the only mandatory slimes you'll want to keep by your lab is a pen of about 100 Pink Slimes. Don't combine them into Largos since that means you won't be able to keep as many of them. There are so many Slime Science recipes that require Pink Plorts that you'll need a massive constant supply of them. As for the rest of this area, put whatever Plorts you most frequently use in Slime Science in the area.

(The Grotto) Since The Grotto is already underground I put all of my Phosphor Largo combinations inside here along with 2 Gardens of Cuberries to feed them all.

(Ogden's Retreat) At this location I like to keep a bunch of Saber Largos of different types and have drones setup to automated farm everything and sell it on the market. Not many Slime Science recipes use Saber Plorts so I use this location exclusively to sell Plorts on the market. Keep that in mind when making Largo combinations with Saber Slimes.

(Mochi's Manor) This location is home to my Dervish/Tangle Largos -- the most annoying Largo combination you can possibly make. I decided to combine the two most annoying slimes in the game, Dervish and Tangle, and place them in an area away from everything else. This way they couldn't pick up Plorts with their vines or scatter Plorts around with their tornados and cause a Tarr outbreak. I prefer not to have either of these slimes on my farm and when I do keep them on my farm they're typically in a far away pen because of their mechanics. Putting them in a location like Mochi's Manor, Viktor's Workshop or Ogden's Retreat guarantees they'll never cause a Tarr outbreak.

(Viktor's Workshop) Last but not least, I put any slimes here that I didn't have enough of on my Ranch. I try to keep 2 or 3 slimes of each type so that I can get every type of Plort each day -- that's the logic I used for Viktor's Workshop. This location also has some Phase Lemons built into it and a pond for you to put Pond Slimes. If you'd like to do your Quantum Slimes here it would work pretty well too.