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The Mage's Tutor - Act 1 Broken World Story Quest

The Mages Tutor Quest Start

The Mage's Tutor is the second Story Quest of Part 1 in the Broken World Expansion Pack and it'll begin once you've completed the Kanred the Mage Story Quest. For the first part of this quest you will need to take the Teleporter to The Blighted Hills (North) and travel directly east through the caves and into the Kelvaran Waste. There will be a gold star marking the cave you have to travel through, so it'll be quite hard to miss.

In the Kelvaran Waste our goal is going to be similar to the previous quest; run in one direction until you hit a dead end and defeat the boss you find there. You'll also come across a few Side Quests which both start and are completed in this area, all of which are mentioned below.

Side Quests in Area:

Greylok of the Kurgen
Morden Ravagers
Morden Redemption

Along with the Side Quests mentioned above you'll now also be able to get The Ancient Tome Side Quest which is in one of the caves blocked by blue flame found in the Blasted Valley. I'd recommend you put off doing that quest though until you finish this Story Quest first. Once you finish this quest you'll be able to clear the vines which block some caves as well as the blue flames - that will give you access to all areas and all Side Quests.

This time around the boss we're going to be fighting is Kikrak of the Morden and his pet which is a Voadyk Familiar.

Kikrak of the Morden Boss Fight

The fight against Kikrak will be the same as Kanred, the only real difference is that Kikrak will have a pet with him. Don't bother with the pet first as it'll respawn if you kill it - just focus all of your attention onto Kikrak. Much like in our fight against Kanred the main attack you need to watch out for is the ground AoE.

Same deal as the previous boss, Kikrak will teleport to a party member and you'll see the ring appear under him. Make sure your party is in 'Mirror Mode' and click somewhere outside of the ring to get everyone away ASAP. It's random how often he'll use this attack but sometimes he'll pretty much spam it and it can be a long and annoying fight.

Note: If you kill Kikrak's pet with an overkill ability then it won't respawn. What I mean is, if you can defeat his pet in a manner that his entire body "explodes" and leaves a big red spot on the ground - it won't respawn. This is usually done by using a powerful Power when the enemy is very low health.

With Kikrak defeated you'll want to return to the Dryad Outpost and speak with Sentinel Kirani to complete this quest and begin the next, In Search of Celia. From Kirani you'll also learn the password that allows us to pass any vines/roots we come across that block our path, "peace and order".

Peace and Order Password
The password to remove the vines is "peace and order"