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Alchemy Recipes for (Savella Cathedral - World of Darkness)

As you can see there aren't many Alchemy Recipes for this chapter of my walkthrough. The town of Empyychu and Dark Empyychu don't have weapon or armor shops, just an item shop and that item shop sells two or three weapons/armor. Aside from this one NPC the only other items you'll be using in Alchemy is stuff you find.

One thing that makes this chapter unique is you'll be able to get your first piece of Orichalcum Ore during this chapter. You can use this Orichalcum Ore to make either a Liquid Metal Sword, which is what I recommend or a Meteorite Bracer.

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Mythril Helm Alchemy Recipe

Mythril Helm has 38 AC and is sold in Empycchu/Dark Empycchu.

Hades' Helm is obtained from a treasure chest in Pirate's Cove. Later in the game it becomes much more common

Saint's Ashes is sold at the Baccarat Casino and is found in many different treasure chests throughout the game


Raging Bull Helm Alchemy Recipe

Raging Bull Helm has 42 AC and can be used by both the Hero and Yangus. This is the best helm you can get your hands on for these two prior to Tryan Gully.

Mythril Helm is obtained through Alchemy, recipe mentioned above. Later in the game you can buy it from Empyychu

Cowpat is obtained from many different pots/barrels throughout the game. You definitely have one by now

Fresh Milk is obtained by interacting with any of the many different cows on the World Map or purchased from the Argonia Bazaar


Hell Scythe Alchemy Recipe

Hell Scythe has 65 Attack Power and has a small chance of paralyzing the enemy each time you attack. This is the third best Scythe in the game for Yangus.

Steel Scythe is sold in Baccarat, Neos and Savella Cathedral

Poison Moth Knife is sold in Pickham

Hades' Helm is found in Pirate's Cove


Flametang Boomerang Alchemy Recipe

Flametang Boomerang has 63 Attack Power and is the second best boomerang in the game, surpassed only by the Metal Wing Boomerang which you can't get until after beating the final boss.

Swallowtail is sold in Arcadia and Orkutsk

Flame Shield is sold in Empycchu and Dark Empycchu


Liquid Metal Sword

Liquid Metal Sword has 118 Attack Power making it the second strongest sword in the entire game. This sword also comes with the effect that it deals 2 damage to Metal Slime enemies but that's not that useful. In order to make the most powerful Sword in the game, Dragovian King Sword, you'll need the Liquid Metal Sword as well.

Rusty Old Sword is obtained from the chest in Trodain Castle behind the Ultimate Key door

Slime Crown is obtained from the well next to Hilltop Hut as well as from a barrel in Tryan Gully & dropped from King Metal Slimes

Orichalcum is obtained from Princess Minnie for collecting 83 Mini Medals as well as from Black Citadel and Godbird's Eyrie



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