Mini Medals in Dragon Quest 8

Princess Minnies Castle

The Mini Medal side quest is a staple of almost all Dragon Quest games. Throughout the game you will find Mini Medals hidden in cabinets, chests, pots, barrels and everything else you can think of. Typically there is one to three mini medals per town and dungeon with the rest of them hidden throughout chests on the World Map.

You don't start to find Mini Medals in Dragon Quest 8 until you reach the town of Peregrin Quay. From that town forward you can find Mini Medals throughout the game. Until you get the boat these items will just be taking up your inventory space too. They're turned in at Princess Minnie's Castle which is found out in the middle of the ocean just north of <Town>.

For those of you worrying, there are only a few Mini Medals that you can permanently miss throughout the game. The ones at Marta's Cottage are two of them, once her cottage gets destroyed the Mini Medals that're found inside are lost forever. I think the ones found in Neos also become unavailable after the town is destroyed but this one I can not confirm with 100% certainty.

Here is a list of all the different rewards you can claim for finding Mini Medals:

28 Fishnet Stockings
36 Posh Waistcoat
45 Staff of Divine Wrath
52 Gold Nugget
60 Meteorite Bracer
68 Miracle Sword
75 Sacred Armour
83 Piece of Orichalcum
90 Metal King Helm
99 Dangerous Bustier
110 Flail of Destruction

That's all there is to this side quest. I am not going to list all of the Mini Medal locations here since I already have a full walkthrough for the game and most of them are mentioned there. However, I will provide some insight into the items you're given as rewards for returning Mini Medals to Princess Minnie.

Fishnet Stockings: Equip this with Bunny Ears and Bunny Suit to change Jessica's appearance into a Bunny Girl.

Gold Nugget: Makes Sage's Stone, Golden Axe or Golden Tiara with the Alchemy Pot.

Meteorite Bracer: Can be used in Alchemy to make Uber Falcon Blade.

Miracle Sword: Can be used in Alchemy to make Uber Miracle Sword.

Piece of Orichalcum: Can be used in Alchemy to make Liquid Metal Sword, Meteorite Bracer, Metal King Armor, Metal King Shield, Megaton Hammer, Goddess Ring

Dangerous Bustier: Changes Jessica's appearance.