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Alchemy Recipes for (Arcadia - Dragon Graveyard)

This is the first chapter that we're able to start making some of the best items in the game with Alchemy. Golden Tiara is one of the best Headgears in the game for Jessica, Phantom Mask is the best Headgear for Angelo and the Shamshir of Light is the second best sword in the game for Angelo.

Assuming you complete the Dragon Graveyard Side Quest when it becomes available you will also be able to make the Uber Falcon Blade, the best weapon in the game for the Hero so long as he uses Falcon Slash. Using Falcon Slash with the Uber Falcon Blade equipped will allow you to attack a total of 4 times!

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Crimson Robe Alchemy Recipe

Crimson Robe has 82 AC on it and it decreases the damage of Ice attacks by 15 points of damage. This robe is one of the best chest armors you can get for Jessica and definitely the best armor you can get this early in the game.

Sage's Robe is made through Alchemy by combining Magic Vestment and Scholar's Cap

Magic Water is sold at the Pickham Casino, Tryan Gully and Dragovian Sanctuary

Nook Grass is a hard item to get your hand on, you get one during the game's story, one in Dragovian Sanctuary and the only enemy that drops Nook Grass is Hellspawns which are found in the Dragovian Sanctuary


Blizzard Blade Alchemy Recipe

Blizzard Blade has 90 Attack Power and causes extra ice damage when attacking. You can't buy this item until Tryan Gully.

Bastard Sword is sold in Arcadia

Icicle Dirk is found in Herb Grotto

Cold Cheese is made with Alchemy by combining a Chilly Cheese and two Waterweed Moulds


Dragon slayer alchemy recipe

Dragon Slayer has 83 Attack Power and deals 50% more damage when attacking a Dragon enemy. This item can only be used by the Hero and Jessica.

Dragonsbane is purchased in the town of Orkutsk

Mighty Armlet is made by combining a Strength Ring and a Titan Belt in the Alchemy Pot


Thinking Cap Alchemy Recipe

Thinking Cap has 38 AC and when equipped increases the user's wisdom by 15 points. We're not going to use this item though, instead you'll want to use it in Alchemy to make the Golden Tiara, which is shown in the recipe below. Thinking Cap is only sold in Tryan Gully at the armor merchant there.

Scholar's Cap is made by combining a Magical Hat and Scholar's Specs in the Alchemy Pot

Iron Headgear is sold at the armor merchant in Orkutsk


Golden Tiara Alchemy Recipe

Golden Tiara has 43 AC and increases your resistances to Fizzle, Fuddle, Snooze and Whack. This item is the third best Headgear in the game you can get for Jessica, only the Sun Crown and Metal King Helm are better. The Sun Crown though you'll likely be using for the Timbrel of Tension and the Metal King Helm you can only get one of. Making this, arguably, the best Headgear for Jessica.

Thinking Cap is made with Alchemy, the recipe is listed above

Silver Tiara is made with Alchemy by combining a Coral Hairpin and a Silver Platter

Gold Nugget is rewarded to you for collecting 52 Mini Medals. You can also find a Gold Nugget in Godbird's Eyrie both in the Land of Darkness version and regular world


Phantom Mask Alchemy Recipe

Phantom Mask has 48 AC and increases your chances of dodging physical attacks. This item can only be used by Angelo and is the best Headgear in the game for him (aside from Metal King Helm; which you should use on Hero).

Iron Headgear is sold at the armor merchant in Orkutsk

Dark Robe is made with Alchemy by combining a Cloak of Evasion, Devil's Tail and Wing of Bat


Shamshir of Light Alchemy Recipe

Shamshir of Light has 110 Attack Power and is the second best sword in the game for Angelo, only surpassed by the Liquid Metal Sword which can be made through Alchemy not too much later in the game.

Rune Staff is sold at the Pickham Casino

Light Shield is sold in Baccarat, Argonia and Neos

Shimmering Dress is made through Alchemy by combining a Gold Bracer, Ruby of Protection and Spangled Dress


Shimmering Dress Alchemy Recipe

Shimmering Dress has 67 AC and occasionally reflects spells cast on the wearer. While this dress isn't all that impressive in and of itself, it's used in a few Alchemy Recipes to make really great items.

Spangled Dress is sold at the Baccarat Casino and found in the Goldings Mansion in Baccarat

Ruby of Protection is sold in Argonia once the Bazaar comes to town


After Acquiring Ultimate Key

After you acquire the Ultimate Key, a few more Alchemy Recipes become available. Every recipe below this line uses an item which is obtained through one of the treasure chests you open with the Ultimate Key.


Sorcerers Ring Alchemy Recipe

Sorcerer's Ring is an accessory which increases your Wisdom by 10 and your Max MP by 30. Aside from Goddess Ring, it's the best accessory you can get with a Wisdom bonus on it. All in all, I wouldn't recommend using this ring though since Wisdom and Mana aren't that useful for the tougher fights.

Skull Ring is found in Argonia, in the Ultimate Key treasure chest room

Saint's Ashes is sold at the Baccarat Casino and is found in many different treasure chests throughout the game


Uber Double Edge Alchemy Recipe

Uber Double-edge has a total of 76 Attack Power and also deals an extra 10 - 20% damage with each attack. It's probably the worst Uber weapon you can make due to its low attack power and not good effect.

Double-edged Sword is found once you get the Ultimate Key in Princess Minnie's Castle

Saint's Ashes is sold at the Baccarat Casino and is found in many different treasure chests throughout the game


Uber Falcon Blade Alchemy Recipe

Uber Falcon Blade has 55 Attack Power but strikes the enemy twice with each attack. When this weapon is used correctly it's the highest output in damage with a single attack of all weapons in the game.

Falcon Blade is purchased at the Baccarat Casino. You must first complete the Dragon Graveyard Side Quest before you're able to obtain this weapon. Or, if you don't complete the side quest eventually it'll auto complete later in the game and the Casino will open on its own.

Meteorite Bracer is given to you when bringing 60 Mini Medals to Princess Minnie. It can also be made with Alchemy by combining 2 Agility Rings and Orichalcum Ore


Uber Miracle Sword Alchemy Recipe

Uber Miracle Sword has 95 Attack Power and heals the user for 20% of the damage they deal. At this current point in the game, this weapon is the best weapon you can obtain in terms of attack power.

Miracle Sword is given to you by Princess Minnie for obtaining 68 Mini Medals

Life Bracer is made with Alchemy by combining a Gold Bracer and a Recovery Ring


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