Champions of Norrath F.A.Q

This page includes my FAQ for Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest, a game for the Playstation 2. I created this page because while playing through the game I had to google a bunch of different questions I had about how certain things worked and I couldn't easily find the information I wanted online.

Hopefully this page will help you out and answer your questions!



Q: How do I return to the location I last used a Gate Scroll?

A: In order to use the Gate Scrolls in this game you'll want to hold down Square and press Select. When you do this in a dungeon it'll teleport you back to town and when you do it in town it'll teleport you back to the dungeon.


Q: How do I reduce the lag in this game when playing on the PCSX2 Emulator?

A: To get Champions of Norrath to run smoothly on the PCSX2 Emulator you'll need to go into Config > Video > Plugin Settings and once in there look for Advanced Settings and Hacks. This will bring up a whole new window where you need to enable Fast Texture Invalidation. For a video walkthrough of exactly how to do this check out my Champions of Norrath PCSX2 Lag Fix Youtube Video.


Q: What classes are the best in this game?

A: In my opinion the best overall class is the Erudite Wizard because this game is not easy for melee characters at all. The best melee class I would have to say is the Barbarian Warrior.


Q: I can't find the last Catapult for the Act 1 quest - where is it?

A: The one that people miss most often is the Catapult near the zone line where you first entered this area. Check out my Act 1 Walkthrough for map locations of all 10 Catapults or watch my Location of all 10 Catapults Youtube Video.


Q: I can't find the last Curiousity for the quest Gol Nazyn gives during Act 4 - where is it?

A: Each area that you explore in the City of Khatuun or Dungeon of Khatuun has a Curiousity. They're all found on flat solid ground - not in the water. For map locations of all 7 check out my Act 4 Walkthrough page.


Q: How should I spend Attribute Points on my character?

A: What I would advise is to typically invest into one stat that you use the most. Barbarians I typically go 98% into Strength and 2% into Stamina; Wizards I typically do 100% into Intelligence. Some of the classes like Shadow Knight I will invest 70% into Strength and 30% into Intelligence since they use 2 stats. One thing to note is that the health you get from Stamina is not very significant so dumping points into that for survivability is not the smartest move. This is coming from someone who hates playing glass cannon characters too.