Walkthrough Act 4 - Champions of Norrath

Gol Nazyn Vendor

This Act begins with you entering into the Plane of Hate, not too far away you will find Gol Nazyn who will be your shop keep for this Act. Gol Nazyn will also give your first task for this Act, retrieve 7 Curiousities from throughout the nearby dungeons and towns. Even though this quest sounds like a side quest it isn't and you'll need to complete it to proceed with the rest of the story.

You'll have to search the nearby Dungeons of Khatuun and City of Khatuun maps for all 7 of these Curiousity items that he asks for. There is 1 Curiousity in each dungeon/city of Khatuun for the most part with one map having 2 Curiousities instead of just one. Essentially how this works is you will find numerous dungeons connected to the City of Khatuun and you will have to explore each of them thoroughly to make sure you get every Curiousity.

I've included map screenshots below of every single Curiousity in each of the various dungeons. This whole area is quite confusing since each dungeon looks the same and is named the same thing but isn't the same. What's nice is that much like the entire game all of this is extremely linear so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding what you need.

One piece of advice to keep in mind is that each Curiousity is on dry land. If it's inside of a dungeon there is typically an island that the Curiosity is sitting on, as seen in my screenshot(s) below. When the Curiousity is found outside in the City of Khatuun it's typically tucked away in an alleyway or a corner.

Curiosity 1 Map Location

Khatuun North Curiousity

Curiosity 2 Map Location

Curiosity 3 Map Location

City of Khathuun Curiosity Map Location

Curiousity Map Location 4 and 5

After finding all 7 of the Curiousities you'll want to return to Gol Nazyn and speak with him to complete this quest. He will lower all of his shop prices and also give you a Shard of Hate which is one of 2 that you'll need to open the fiery barrier blocking our route. Now that you have finished the quest Gol Nazyn gave you head into the courtyard nearby and you will get a cinematic of doors opening and dark elves pouring out into the streets.

Defeat all of the nearby enemies then make sure you're well stocked on potions before entering inside of the doors that opened up. The building we're about to go inside of is a coliseum and the boss of this coliseum is going to be a pretty tough one depending on your current class. Before fighting the boss you'll have to go through 2 rounds consisting of much weaker enemies.

The first round of this Arena will be against a large group of dark elves, they're the same enemies we've been fighting this entire Act so far so you shouldn't struggle too much. Next up you'll be fighting a group of 'elite' orc enemies; these guys hit extremely hard but move slowly which makes them easy targets in my opinion.

Last but not least the 3rd and final battle will be against the Arena Beast, he's the boss of this coliseum.

Arena Beast Boss Fight

Arena Beast has the most range of any boss that you've fought up to this point in the game. It'll be extremely difficult to put and keep distance between you and the Arena Beast - the only way you can reliably put distance between you 2 is by using the pillars in the coliseum and the glitchy pathing.

Note: If you're playing a melee character the Arena Beast will be an extremely annoying boss. When you get within melee range of him he'll knock you back from just moving around. This makes hitting him as a melee character extremely frustrating - my best advice to you is to do a few hits then run away and bring a whole lot of potions.

If you're playing a class that needs to keep distance between you and this boss it'll be a challenging fight. Melee friendly characters won't have too much trouble, just remember to block and you'll do just fine. Once you defeat the Arena Beast you'll want to collect the Shard of Hate that it drops along with whatever loot that you want.

Our next destination is the fiery barrier in the City of Khatuun that is blocking the only route that we've yet to go. Now that we have 2 Shards of Hate you'll be able to insert them into the contraption near this door and remove the fiery barrier allowing us entry.

Plane of Hate Fiery Barrier

The next map for us to tackle is called the Hanging Garden and it's essentially a graveyard of sorts with undead minions all throughout. Navigating this map will be a bit annoying since there are many areas where you need to fall off of a ledge to proceed and the only way to get back up ontop of the ledge will be to take a really long out of the way route.

You can find a few hidden areas on this map if you'd like to farm some extra EXP but otherwise it's as linear as every other map. At the end of this map you will find a hole in the ground that will take you to the next Act when you enter it. Don't fall into the hole until you're ready to proceed as there will be no going back once you do!

Hole to Plane of Hate



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