Erudite Wizard Build Guide - Champions of Norrath

Erudite Wizard

This page includes my Wizard class guide for the Erudite Wizard in Champions of Norrath. I found the Wizard class to be one of the more powerful classes in this game, in fact I would argue that this game seems to be balanced around this class. What I mean by this is unlike some of the other classes (Shadow Knight) this class doesn't struggle with any bosses or any parts of the game.

When you first go through your list of skills for the Erudite Wizard you may be a bit daunted at how many there are... Don't worry though as I will simplify this entire class to 2 skills and a handful of passives that you'll want to purchase. In my opinion the only 2 attack skills worth using for this class are Shock of Frost and Shock of Fire.

Some of the other skills are decent but the biggest issue is that they never become better than Shock of Frost or Shock of Fire. Cone of Frost was a good example, I found it to be useful in some scenarios but it came with some downsides that Shock of Frost did not have.

It's up to you if you'd like to experiment with a bunch of different skills like I did, the choice is yours. For this guide instead of going into detail about each and ever skill my goal is to simplify this class for you and tell you what I believe is the best way to play it. What I did throughout the game is I used Shock of Frost for groups of enemies since it deals really nice AoE damage and I used Shock of Fire for bosses or enemies whom I wanted to hit with single target damage.

You'll occasionally encounter enemies that are immune to either Fire damage or Ice damage as well which is one of the reasons it's good to have both of these skills. One of the final reasons I recommend that you focus on solely these 2 active abilities is because you can only have 2 spells 'memorized' at a time anyway. If you want to use more than 2 spells you will have to use the D-pad and reassign buttons.

The passive skills you'll want to get are Concentration for as much mana regen as possible and Bind Wound since that will give you health regen which is very important too. I'd recommend putting a few points into Endurance as well since we need more carrying capacity as a Wizard to haul around all of our potions. This is a total of 5 skills which will bring us to 100 Skill Points out of a total of 169.

Aside from these skills I would recommend Blunt Weapons and Fire Flares. Blunt Weapons is something I use a lot since it increases your standard melee damage and something like Fire Flares is fun to play around with. Feel free to pick whatever skills you want to with your remaining points.

Below is some additional information about each of the Wizard skills in this build and why I chose them.


Blunt Weapons: This skill increases the amount of damage you deal with melee attacks. I'd actually recommend putting a few points into it because it's not such a terrible thing to melee sometimes. When you use Shock of Frost it'll slow down enemies melee speed and movement speed allowing you to easily melee without threat to yourself.

Concentration: Increases your mana regeneration; in my opinion this is one of your most important passives. You'll still be chugging Mana Potions left and right with this skill but our class is entirely mana based. The importance of having the most mana at all times can't be stressed enough.

Shock of Frost: This is your primary AoE skill in this game, as you put more points into this skill it'll increase the amount of shrapnel that it creates when it hits. Essentially a piece of shrapnel is an additional Shock of Frost that is created when this hits a target. If you're fighting more than 3 enemies you can cast this spell into the group of them and hit all of them.

Bind Wound: Bind Wound increases your health regeneration by a small amount with each point much like how Concentration increases mana regen. After you cap out all of your important skills I recommend dumping points into this until it's max.

Shock of Fire: Shock of Fire is the best single target spell in the game; it does some AoE damage too but not as much as Shock of Frost. I typically use this spell on every boss that I fight... It costs a ton of mana to cast so make sure you bring plenty of Mana Potions.

Fire Flares: All this spell does is create a protective barrier around you that deals damage to anyone who gets close enough. Each flare does about half as much damage as a Shock of Fire hit. This spell is amazing for some bosses that Shock of Fire is tedious or hard to use against.

Endurance: Endurance increases your carrying capacity and that's it. I recommend putting a few points into this skill because as a Wizard you'll be lugging around an excessive amount of potions. You'll want enough weight to carry both your potions and some loot so you can make money... for more potions.