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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles can be a bit confusing if you're a new player since it is the first of its kind and it's unlike all other Final Fantasy games in the series. It's also marketed as a Multiplayer game and it isn't clear how compatible it is via Single Player. I had a lot of questions when I first picked up the game because of that.

I hope to clear some of that up in this guide and also give you a solid starting path for the game. Something I wish I had when starting.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Title Screen

To get started, you can fully beat this game as Single Player but I honestly don't consider the game to be that enjoyable with Single Player. At first it's pretty fun but as the game carries on the mechanics get more and more annoying for 1 player and it becomes really exhausting. Also, according to what I read online in order to craft the best armor your family trade needs to be an Alchemist, for you to get the patterns. But in order to craft some of the better armors you also need a family trade of Blacksmith, both of them need their Relationship Levels with a family maxed.

This may sound easy but it isn't and would require a ton of extra grinding to do. If you really enjoy the game, more power to you but I didn't find it to be worth it to do myself. Ontop of all this in order to get the best armor/weapons in the game - it's all insanely expensive gil wise.

Almar Crystal Chronicles

When you first start the game I would recommend picking the Alchemist or Merchant family trade. That way incase you do want the best designs you can get them from your family or if you decide you don't feel like min/maxing the game I think the Merchant would probably be the most helpful.

Then once you've finished a few of the dungeons to see which one is worth repeating I recommend grinding the same dungeon over and over a few times. Just run the same dungeon 3 or 4 times and pick a different artifact each time. This will beef up your character and also the items you sell will get you a lot of gil. Starting on the 4th or 5th year Mythril will start dropping from mobs a lot and you'll be able to quickly upgrade your gear then to some pretty decent basic stuff with the gil and Mythril.

After the 6th year you will be able to beat the game whenever you feel like it or you can continue running dungeons for another few years to further beef up your character. I highly recommend you spend a bit more time beefing up your character, try and collect more Artifacts and try to make better weapons/armor than the Mythril stuff. Below you can find the different guides I have for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Each of them should aid you in your play through of the game without spoiling too much - or any - about the game.

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