Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Spells

Crystal Chronicles spell system is a bit different than what you are used to in Final Fantasy and even a bit different than you're used to in other turn based RPG games. Instead of you learning your spells as your character progresses and needing Mana to cast them - in Crystal Chronicles all spells are free to cast, they just have a cast time. Also unlike most other games your spells are reset and erased each time you exit a dungeon. That means players will have to find a new set of spells each and every time they enter a dungeon. An alternative to this is later on in the game players can construct rings which you can carry between dungeons that let you cast that spell (Thunder Ring casts thunder, Fire Ring casts fire etc)


When inside a dungeon it is easy to find spells from killing monsters and opening chests. Usually the first few items you find after starting a dungeon are some spells. The spells you'll find that drop in this game are Life, Clear, Cure, Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. There are other spells in this game but you can only acquire them through combining the aforementioned spells together. I will go into that a little more later. Aside from their obvious uses some spells in this game are required for some boss fights and certain puzzles.

As an example Fire is needed to burn webbing that is in your way for the dungeon where you visit an abandoned city. Holy is also required for a boss fight that takes place in Rebena Te Ra. The same zone, Rebena Te Ra, also has puzzles in it that require other magical attributes. There are orbs throughout the level you need to use a certain magic elemental on in order to progress. The point is that the spells in Crystal Chronicles do much more than just damage enemies. Most of the time you'll be using the spells to complete puzzles rather than during combat.


Now as I mentioned earlier in Crystal Chronicles you will be able to combine your spells to make even more powerful spells. This isn't an optional feature it's definitely a required one so you'll want to learn what spells combine with which ones to make what! Here is a list of all the spells you can make in the game and what you need to do to make them.

Clear: Clear cures status ailments.

Cure: Restores some of your HP.

Blizzard: Blizzard has a chance of freezing some of the weaker enemies you encounter, if you attack them while frozen you'll deal more damage. Each time you upgrade Blizzard it increases the area Blizzard covers and does more damage.

Blizzara: Blizzard x2
Blizzaga: Blizzard x3

Fire: Fire has a chance of igniting some enemies which applies a DoT effect to them. Each time you upgrade Fire it increases the area that Fire covers and does more damage.

Fira: Fire x2
Firaga: Fire x3

Thunder: Thunder can paralyze some of the weaker enemies. As with the other magics when you upgrade Thunder it increases the area that it covers and increases the damage it does.

Thundara: Thunder x2
Thundaga: Thunder x3

Gravity: Gravity Magic is very effective against monsters with low resistance, it's less useful against those with high resists. It will bring all flying monsters to the ground and it's helpful against some stone enemies too.

Fire + Blizzard
Blizzard + Thunder
Fire + Thunder

Haste: Increase a character's movement speed and cuts the time it takes to charge any magic attacks and focus attacks.

Life + Cure

Holy: This spell does a lot of damage to Undead and Ghost enemies. It will also make them visible which makes them highly susceptible to melee attacks.

Fire + Life
Blizzard + Life
Thunder + Life

Slow: This spell decreases the movement speed and attack speed of an enemy.

Life + Fire
Life + Blizzard
Life + Thunder

Stop: As this spell suggests, Stop will cause an enemy to Stop, completely locking him in place for a few seconds.

Life + Fire + Blizzard
Life + Blizzard + Thunder
Life + Fire + Thunder


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