Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Mog Stamps

Mog Stamps in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are something that looks to be a promising side quest but I have one giant piece of information, so big that I made this whole page to just tell you. Once you collect a certain number of Mog Stamps, enough to be eligible for a reward, you first must play the game in Multiplayer mode and play a minigame with the Mog in Multiplayer mode. If you actually have a friend, great! However I personally think many people out there would find it difficult to find someone willing to play this with them.

You could always just hook up a second controller if you'd like and if you have a physical console. For those of you guys like me though, the Multiplayer requirement totally ruined it.

For those of you out there who actually would like some info on Mog Stamps here's what I know. Each area has a hidden Mog in it, some are pretty easy to find and others are extremely difficult but there's one thing you'll be looking out for when you are Mog hunting and that's the holes that the Mogs live in. When you're venturing through an area sometimes a box will pop up like the one seen in the picture below. This is an area where a Mog lives.

Mog Hole

You can then enter the Mog house and there's usually two Mogs inside. One allows you to paint him which I really don't understand the point of that minigame and the other Mog in the house will stamp your Mog Card. When you collect 2 or 3 Mog Stamps of the same type you'll then be asked to go into Multiplayer Mode to play the Mog's Minigame.