Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Artifacts

Artifacts in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are how the player gets all of their character's passive upgrades. You can increase your character's Damage, Defense, Magic, Command Slots and Health Points from collecting Artifacts throughout each level. The catch though is you can only take a single Artifact with you each time you complete a level. There are quite a few Artifacts for you to collect in the game and it will take you quite awhile to collect them all since some only come around once every other cycle with the Myrrh trees.

Another big thing to keep in mind too is you can't pick the same Artifact two times. Each Artifact has its own name and its own effect, you can tell them apart simply by their names. There are about 20 different Strength Artifacts, 15 Defense Artifacts and 20 Magic Artifacts. Then there's some Artifacts that grant other benefits to the player such as adding an extra heart (more HP) and there's an Artifact that adds a Command Slot for the player too. There are four Heart Artifacts and Command Slot Artifacts for the player to collect.

Artifacts Crystal Chronicles

The picture above is the usual Artifact window you see after completing each level. Each of the Artifacts you find during the level will be displayed here. Any you've already taken will be grayed out like you see in the picture. As aforementioned you can only pick each Artifact a single time, that makes it worth it to run even the levels you dislike in an effort to improve your character. If you've already chosen all of the Artifacts from the list usually another choice will be a unique item.

The pictures below are of some of the different rewards I could choose after completing some levels in Crystal Chronicles. As you can see there is a Legendary Weapon design in the list of items I can choose as well, this is just one example of different items you can pick once you complete a level.

Black HoodFlamgetongueLegendary Weapon

That's really all there is to Artifacts in Crystal Chronicles. I highly recommend you focus entirely on Strength and Defense artifacts to start then throw in some Magic once you can't choose any more Strength and Defense ones. I didn't use Magic that much during the game but it is worth upgrading it because some bosses require you to hit them with spells. Why not have those spells do more damage too? It's better than grabbing items you'll most likely just be vendoring.

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