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Weapons - Shining The Holy Ark

This is the list of all Weapons in the game Shining The Holy Ark. On this page you'll find all the list of weapons in the game together with their stats and effects. If you're looking for Accessories, Armors, Items, or Spells, just follow one of the links below.

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Short Sword: Arthur starts with it.

Middle Sword: N/A

Long Sword: N/A

Steel Sword: Found in Forest of Aborigine or from Time Warrior.

Broad Sword: N/A

Sacred Sword: Needed in Mural Room.

Great Sword: N/A

Dark Sword: Cursed.

Shining Sword: Found in Desire Mine.



Middle Axe: N/A

Power Axe: N/A

Battle Axe: N/A

Great Axe: N/A

Heat Axe: Blaze magic.

Runic Axe: N/A

Dragon Axe: Special Deal.

Demon Axe: Cursed.



Iron Claw: N/A

Power Claw: N/A

Battle Claw: Special Deal.

Demon Claw: Cursed.

Mithril Claw: Blacksmith.



Warrior's Knife: Arthur starts with it, critical up.

Slash Dagger: Critical up.

Red Dagger: Critical up.


Ninja Blades

Dagger: Rodi starts with it.

Shoto: N/A

Daito: N/A

Broadsword: Found in Aborigine Mansion.

Kotetsu: N/A

Kokuichimonji: N/A

Muramasa: Blacksmith, cursed.

Kusanagi: N/A



Wooden Staff: Melody and Forte starts with it.

Bronze Staff: Found in Forest Cave.

Iron Staff: Dropped by Cobra Pot.

Power Staff: Found in Aborigine Mansion.

Saint Ankh: Special deal.

Magic Wand: Special deal.

Rage Wand: Specail deal, Blacksmith.

Amulet Staff: Special deal.

Mystery Ankh: Blacksmith.

Demon Staff: Found in Desire Mine, Cursed.



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