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Armors - Shining The Holy Ark

This is the list of all Armors in the game Shining The Holy Ark. On this page you'll find all the list of armors in the game together with their stats and effects. If you're looking for Accessories, Spells, Items, or Weapons, just follow one of the links below.

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Leather Brace: Melody starts with it.

Bronze Brace: Found in Forest Cave.

Iron Brace: Found in Enrich Dungeon.

Battle Brace: Special deal.

Shield Brace: Special deal.

Power Brace: Attack up.

Gauntlet: N/A

War Brace: N/A

Runic Brace: N/A

Spike Sleeve: Blacksmith.

Dragon Sleeve: N/A.



Holy Circlet: Melody starts with it.

Iron Circlet: Found in Desire Mine.

Steel Circlet: Dropped by Hell Slave.

Silver Tiara: Aborigine Mansion or Mirage.

Shield Tiara: Orange Coin Beast, South Shrine.

Golden Tiara: Green Coin Beast.

Magic Circlet: Special Deal.

Royal Circlet: Found in Desire Mine.

Mithril Tiara: Blacksmith.

Demon Crown: Cursed.



Mesh Glove: Rodi starts with it.

Leather Glove: Found in Desire Mine.

Chain Glove: N/A

Steel Glove: N/A

Shinobi Glove: N/A

Onmitsu Glove: N/A

Spike Glove: Special deal.

Iga Glove: Dropped by Prester.



Iron Helmet: N/A

Steel Helmet: N/A

Shinobi Helm: N/A

Gold Helmet: Dropped by Chesthead.

Goblin Helmet: N/A

Fuma Helmet: Blacksmith, recovers MP.



Ring Mail: Arthur's start equipment.

Scale Mail: N/A

Chain Mail: Found in Forest of Aborigine.

Bronze Armor: Dropped by Chest Ghost.

Iron Armor: Basso starts with it.

Battle Armor: Dropped by Skull Warrior, West Shrine.

Steel Armor: Dropped by Demon Mail.

Dragon Mail: Found in Tower of Illusion.

Mithril Mail: Blacksmith.

Shining Mail: Found in Tower of Illusion.

Haunted Mail: Dropped by Evil Vampire. Cursed.



Silk Robe: Melody wears it as start equipment.

Leather Robe: Dropped by Ghoul.

Feather Robe: Dropped by Wind Hound.

Hermits Robe: N/A

Druids Robe: Found in Aborigine Mansion.

Magical Robe: Dropped by Evil SPirit, Special Deal.

Saints Robe: Specail Deal.

Merlins Robe: Special Deal.

Angel Robe: Found in Tower of Illusion.

Demons Robe: Dropped by Guilt Spirit, Cursed.



Leather Shell: Arthur starts with it.

Bronze Shell: Found in Forest of Confusion.

Iron Shell: Scissor Crab, Aborigine Mansion.

Plate: Basso starts with it.

Spike Shell: Special deal.

Breast Plate: Dropped by Cube Ghoul.

Mirror Plate: N/A

Holy Plate: Dropped by Blader.

Dragon Shell: Blacksmith.

Force Shell: Blacksmith.



Small Shield: Arthur wears it at the beginning.

Middle Shield: Found in Forest of Confusion.

Large Shield: N/A

Power Shield: Found in Forest of Aborigine.

Spike Shield: Special deal.

Sacred Mirror: West Shrine, needed in Mural Room.

Knight Shield: Dropped by Turtle Dragon.

Great Shield: Dropped by Cart Ghost.

Force Shield: Found on Godspeak.



Leather Suit: Rodi's start equipment.

Scale Suit: Found in Forest Cave, Big Mouth droplet.

Chain Suit: N/A

Steel Suit: Found in Aborigine Mansion.

Disguise: Akane starts with it.

Hayate Attire: N/A

Kasumi Attire: Dropped by Arch Trent.

Dragon Suit: Blacksmith.


Crests, Orbs

Holy Crest: Defense up.

Royal Crest: Luck up, Magical Defense up. Special deal/

Dragon Orb: Breath Defense up, dropped by Hattari.

Elemental Orb: Agility, Magical and Breath Defense up.

Evil Orb: Found in Desire Mine, Cursed.

Holy Pendant: Attack up, Defense up, Breath Defense up.



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