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Accessories - Shining The Holy Ark

This is the list of all Accessories in the game Shining The Holy Ark. On this page you'll find all the list of accessory's in the game together with their stats and effects. If you're looking for Armors, Items, Spells or Weapons, just follow one of the links below.


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Holy Crest: Increases defense. Can be used to cast Heal Level 2.

Royal Crest: Increases luck and magic defense.

Dragon Orb: Increases breath defense.

Elemental Orb: Increases agility, magic defense, and breath defense.

Holy Pendant: Increases attack, defense, and breath defense.

Evil Orb: Cursed.

Life Ring: Increases defense. Restores 8 hit points on every turn.

Quick Ring: Increases agility by 30.

Artemis Ring: Increases defense by 5, luck by 30, and critical by 10.

Magic Ring: Increases magic defense by 30. Can be used to restore 10 magic points to an ally.

Mars Chain: Increases attack by 5 and luck by 20.

Power Ring: Increases attack by 15. Can be used to cast Attack.

Shield Ring: Increases defense by 10. Can be used to restore 60 hit points to an ally.

Wisdom Ring: Increases defense by 20, magic defense by 30, and breath defense by 30.

Evil Ring: Cursed.

Turbo Boots: Increases agility by 10.

Courage Suit: Increases critical by 4.

Vigor Scarf: Increases critical by 5.



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