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Sword Fusion Spells - Persona 2: Innocent Sin

On this page you'll find a complete list of every Sword Fusion Spell in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. If you're looking for Fusion Spells of a different element you should follow any of the dozen links I have below to be taken to the other page that you want instead. For a complete list of all the Fusion Spells in the game follow the link provided.

As far as how to use the guide below, whenever it says an element like Fire, Earth, Water etc - that means you can use any spell of that element to trigger the Fusion Spell. If you're required to use a very specific spell in order to trigger the Fusion Spell it will say so. For example, Flame Cut EX requires Fire and Straight Slash to activate. Any Fire spell will work but Straight Slash is a requirement, there is no substitute for this spell.



Magic Fusion Spells
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Physical Fusion Spells
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Persona Specific Fusion Spells

Complete List of All Fusion Spells





Flame Cut EX: Fire, Straight Slash

Ice Blade EX: Water, Straight Slash

Wind Slash EX: Wind, Straight Slash

Earth Slice EX: Earth, Straight Slash

Light Smasher: Light, Straight Slash

Dark Saber: Dark, Straight Slash

Fiery Fury EX: Fire, Blade of Fury

Icy Fury EX: Water, Blade of Fury

Windy Fury EX: Wind, Blade of Fury

Thunderous Fury EX: Earth, Blade of Fury