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Persona Fusion Spells - Persona 2: Innocent Sin

On this page you'll find a complete list of every Persona Specific Fusion Spell in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. If you're looking for Fusion Spells of a different type you should follow any of the dozen links I have below to be taken to the other page that you want instead. For a complete list of all the Fusion Spells in the game follow the link provided.

The Fusion Spells on this page work a little bit different than the rest of the ones you've seen. For these Fusion Spells you will need to use the correct Persona and the correct skill to activate the spell. Since these Fusion Spells are harder to activate than the other ones they will typically deal more damage.

Some of the skills on this page are the ultimate abilities in this game, such as Grand Cross. In order to use Grand Cross each character in your party will have to be using their ultimate Persona.


Magic Fusion Spells
- Fire Fusion Spells
- Water Fusion Spells
- Wind Fusion Spells
- Earth Fusion Spells
- Ice Fusion Spells
- Electric Fusion Spells
- Nuclear Fusion Spells
- Almighty Fusion Spells
- Instant Kill Fusion Spells
- Recovery Fusion Spells
- Ailment Inflicting Fusion Spells

Physical Fusion Spells
- Sword Fusion Spells
- Thrown Fusion Spells
- Strike Fusion Spells
- Havoc Fusion Spells

Persona Specific Fusion Spells

Complete List of All Fusion Spells



Norn's Blink: Hieroglyphein (Skuld), Bright Judgement (Verdandi) and Dark Verdict (Urd)

Death Spirit: Any Fire (Suzaku), Any Water (Byakko), Any Wind (Seiryuu), Any Earth (Genbu), Summon Spirits (Abe no Seimei)

Trimurti: Thunderous Fury (Shiva), Megidolaon (Vishnu), Alpha Blaster (Brahma)

Ohm: Pralaya (Shiva), Stiti (Vishnu), Sristi (Brahma)

Ragnarok: Fiery Fury (Surt), Bufudyne (Loki), Thunder Baptism (Odin), Firestorm (Fenrir), Ice Breath (Heimdal)

Hellish War: Zan (Poltergeist), Hellfire (Surt), Ziodyne (Beelzebub), Asteroid Bomb (Lucifer)

4 Shura Slash: Thunderous Fury (Indra), Spinning Shot (Varuna), Blade of Fury (Bishamonten), Blade of Fury (Yama)

Grand Cross: Nova Kaiser (Apollo), Bloody Honeymoon (Hades), Foamy Lover (Venus), Cross Fortune (Chronos), Crescent Mirror (Artemis)

Armageddon: Omega Cluster (Lucifer), Alpha Blaster (Satan)