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Fusion Spells - Persona 2: Innocent Sin Guides

Fusion Spell Scene

Fusion Spells in Persona 2 are very important to learn and to use with every battle. They not only will deal the most damage out of all your attacks, they'll also provide you with extremely unique benefits. For example, sometimes when your Persona defeats an enemy with a Fusion Spell it'll gain 2 ranks, mutate, get a stat boost or learn a special skill.

In order to learn a Fusion Spell what you need to do is use skills of a specific element consecutively. Say that you want to learn Towering Inferno, this requires you to use a Water, Earth and Fire skill consecutively. This means you'll have to figure out which of your characters can use these specific elements of magic and then reconfigure their turn order while in battle. Put them in the order that they need to be and then use each of the skills.

When done correctly you will trigger a 'scene' (pictured above) and perform a Fusion Spell.


Magic Fusion Spells
- Fire Fusion Spells
- Water Fusion Spells
- Wind Fusion Spells
- Earth Fusion Spells
- Ice Fusion Spells
- Electric Fusion Spells
- Nuclear Fusion Spells
- Almighty Fusion Spells
- Instant Kill Fusion Spells
- Recovery Fusion Spells
- Ailment Inflicting Fusion Spells

Physical Fusion Spells
- Sword Fusion Spells
- Thrown Fusion Spells
- Strike Fusion Spells
- Havoc Fusion Spells

Persona Specific Fusion Spells

Complete List of All Fusion Spells


Blazing Burst: Fire, Fire

Towering Inferno: Water, Earth, Fire,

Mega Blaze: Fire, Wind, Fire

L'oiseau de Feu: Fire, Earth, Maragion

Meltdown: Fire, Almighty Attack, Maragidyne

Megalofire: Fire, Almighty Attack, Firestorm

Salamander: Fire, Summon Spirits


Heavy Rain: Water, Water

Hydro Boost: Fire, Earth, Water

Bane Splash: Water, Earth, Water

Water Talons: Water, Wind, Malaques

Tidal Wave: Water, Almighty Attack, Malaquadyne

Maelstrom: Water, Almighty Attack, Fear Torrent

Undine: Water, Summon Spirits


Dragon Flight: Wind, Wind

Kamaitachi: Water, Earth, Wind

Maxi Tempest: Wind, Fire, Wind

Sonic Wave: Wind, Water, Magarula

Giga Cyclone: Wind, Almighty Attack, Magarudyne

Nightmare Storm: Wind, Almighty Attack, Hurricane

Sylph: Wind, Summon Spirits


Boulder Smash: Earth, Earth

Stone Rise: Fire, Wind, Earth

Craggy Fang: Earth, Water, Earth

Landspark: Earth, Fire, Mamagnara

Last Quake: Earth, Almighty Attack, Mamagnadyne

Hellish Desert: Earth, Almighty Attack, Earth's Anger

Gnome: Earth, Summon Spirits


Ice Blast: Water, Wind, Bufula

Ice Crush: Water, Earth, Bufudyne

King Frost: Diamond Dust, Summon Spirits


Thunder Blast: Fire, Wind, Zionga

Thunder Crush: Fire, Earth, Ziodyne

Take-Mikazuchi: Thunder Baptism, Summon Spirits


Kagutsuchi: Freila, Summon Spirits


God Hand: Almighty Attack, High Pressure

Meteor Crush: Fire, Earth, Asteroid Bomb

Hachiman: Megidola, Summon Spirits


Atomic Destruction: Fire, Water, Zanma

Black Hole: Wind, Dark, Grydyne

Death's Roulette: Light, Dark

All One: Mudoon, Hamaon

Low End Breaker: Zanma, Light

High End Crusher: Zanma, Dark


Diamai: Dia, Healing Melody

Mediamai: Media, Healing Melody

Panacea Blessing: Patra, Dia, Recarm

Matarukaja: Tarukaja, Heartfelt Prayer

Marakukaja: Rakukaja, Heartfelt Prayer

Mamakakaja: Makakaja, Heartfelt Prayer

Masamakaja: Samakaja, Heartfelt Prayer

Masukunda: Sukukaja, Heartfelt Prayer


Classic Melody: Dormina, Healing Melody

Charming Melody: Marin Karin, Healing Melody

Extreme Melody: Balzac, Healing Melody


Flame Cut EX: Fire, Straight Slash

Ice Blade EX: Water, Straight Slash

Wind Slash EX: Wind, Straight Slash

Earth Slice EX: Earth, Straight Slash

Light Smasher: Light, Straight Slash

Dark Saber: Dark, Straight Slash

Fiery Fury EX: Fire, Blade of Fury

Icy Fury EX: Water, Blade of Fury

Windy Fury EX: Wind, Blade of Fury

Thunderous Fury EX: Earth, Blade of Fury


Venom Needle EX: Poisma, Needle Rush

Dream Needle EX: Dormina, Needle Rush


Pegasus Strike: Wind, Sonic Punch


Venom Bite EX: Poisma, Feral Bite

Stun Bite EX: Dormina, Feral Bite

Poison Claw EX: Poisma, Feral Claw

Stun Claw EX: Dormina, Feral Claw

Dashing Strike: Zio, Tackle

Triple Charge: Bash, Bash, Bash


Norn's Blink: Hieroglyphein (Skuld), Bright Judgement (Verdandi) and Dark Verdict (Urd)

Death Spirit: Any Fire (Suzaku), Any Water (Byakko), Any Wind (Seiryuu), Any Earth (Genbu), Summon Spirits (Abe no Seimei)

Trimurti: Thunderous Fury (Shiva), Megidolaon (Vishnu), Alpha Blaster (Brahma)

Ohm: Pralaya (Shiva), Stiti (Vishnu), Sristi (Brahma)

Ragnarok: Fiery Fury (Surt), Bufudyne (Loki), Thunder Baptism (Odin), Firestorm (Fenrir), Ice Breath (Heimdal)

Hellish War: Zan (Poltergeist), Hellfire (Surt), Ziodyne (Beelzebub), Asteroid Bomb (Lucifer)

4 Shura Slash: Thunderous Fury (Indra), Spinning Shot (Varuna), Blade of Fury (Bishamonten), Blade of Fury (Yama)

Grand Cross: Nova Kaiser (Apollo), Bloody Honeymoon (Hades), Foamy Lover (Venus), Cross Fortune (Chronos), Crescent Mirror (Artemis)

Armageddon: Omega Cluster (Lucifer), Alpha Blaster (Satan)