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This page is designed to be an information dump about the Contact system in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I had a small amount of fun with this system but ended up being very interested in the specifics of how it worked. Since there is so little information online about this system and my job as a guide writer is to break down different aspects of games and explain them... I seen a perfect opportunity with this game.

So, the first thing I would like to talk about on these pages is my experience with different types of questions. You may already know this part but there are some questions which are only asked by certain types of monsters and some questions which are only directed at certain characters. Different emotions typically have different questions/responses as well.

For example, the Angry emotion has many different questions that the monster can ask you and often times those questions end up being lose/lose situations. Where no matter what you answer there's always a chance that the monster is going to become more irate with you. This brings me to my next point and that's there are some questions that have set answers and set outcomes and other questions which are totally RNG.

Questions with set in stone answers will always give you the same outcome when you answer them a certain way. Other questions involve a lot of RNG and how the monster reacts to one of your answers varies and is left to chance. The difference between these two types of questions is partly what I made this guide to document. I also wanted to document which emotions the questions with set in stone answers raised.

Like I said at the top of this guide, I designed it to mostly be an information dump. I took screenshots of almost every question I got from demons in this game and I sorted them based on arbitrary categories that I think they belong in. Below each screenshot you'll find information about this question that I learned through my days of experimentation and trial/error. Hopefully this information helps some of you guys out there!


Demon Questions & Answers

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Ginko Experience With Men

In my experience the better way to answer this question is Th-That's not true! because you'll often get them to accept your answer. When they accept your answer they will stop initiating dialogue with you and you'll typically raise their Happy or Eager emotions.

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Ginko Dance Question

I've only ever seen this question asked after Ginko does her Dance emote. From what I have seen this is one of those questions where there is a small chance of causing the monster angry regardless of what answer you provide. Please, let me go! and I love you! both give me Happy and Angry responses depending on RNG. Lend me your power (for me) always made the monster Angry.

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Ginko Kung Fu Response

Occasionally when you use Kung Fu on an enemy with Ginko you'll get this question from them. Normally when you choose "Yes, please!" it will make them Angry and/or lead to additional questions and dialogue - which is normally a bad outcome. Choosing I'll pass. more often than not raises their Happy emotion for me and ends the dialogue.

If I had to guess though both answers to this question are RNG and can result in multiple different outcomes.



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