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Demon Questions & Answers - Persona 2: Innocent Sin Guides

This page is designed to be an information dump about the Contact system in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I had a small amount of fun with this system but ended up being very interested in the specifics of how it worked. Since there is so little information online about this system and my job as a guide writer is to break down different aspects of games and explain them... I seen a perfect opportunity with this game.

So, the first thing I would like to talk about on these pages is my experience with different types of questions. You may already know this part but there are some questions which are only asked by certain types of monsters and some questions which are only directed at certain characters. Different emotions typically have different questions/responses as well.

For example, the Angry emotion has many different questions that the monster can ask you and often times those questions end up being lose/lose situations. Where no matter what you answer there's always a chance that the monster is going to become more irate with you. This brings me to my next point and that's there are some questions that have set answers and set outcomes and other questions which are totally RNG.

Questions with set in stone answers will always give you the same outcome when you answer them a certain way. Other questions involve a lot of RNG and how the monster reacts to one of your answers varies and is left to chance. The difference between these two types of questions is partly what I made this guide to document. I also wanted to document which emotions the questions with set in stone answers raised.

Like I said at the top of this guide, I designed it to mostly be an information dump. I took screenshots of almost every question I got from demons in this game and I sorted them based on arbitrary categories that I think they belong in. Below each screenshot you'll find information about this question that I learned through my days of experimentation and trial/error. Hopefully this information helps some of you guys out there!


Demon Questions & Answers

- Angry Questions
- Eikichi Questions
- Ginko Questions
- Maya Questions
- Tatsuya Questions
- 2nd Page of General Questions


Am I cute?

Am I Cute

This question is one you will be asked a lot in various different ways when making Contact with demons in this game. It's also a good example of a question that doesn't have a set in stone answer. No matter how you answer this question there is always going to be a chance that your answer is rejected and the demon becomes Angry instead.


Do you like Arcades?

Arcade Question

I want to say this question is all about RNG but I am not sure because every single time I answer with #1 I like them. the monster accepts my answer. Sometimes the monster will ask if they can come with me to the arcade next time I go to which I always reply yes and they seem to accept this answer with high frequency too.


Are video games enjoyable?

Are Video Games Fun

I believe this question is a mix between RNG and set in stone answers. Usually I choose #2 They're amazing when asked this question and the monster will accept my answer most of the time. Sometimes they'll get upset at me because they can't play a video game though. Choosing option #3 and saying you've never played a video game always results in a negative response from the demon.


Leaking brain

Brain is leaking from ears

Occasionally you will get a demon who likes to play with you in this way. I've messed with both answers and I think it's all RNG - no matter what choice I answer with it seems like the demon always tells you they're joking and that's it.


Ask your question

Demon Tells You To Ask Question

I think this question is a mix between having set in stone answers and it being RNG. Whenever I can talk to a demon in this game about God, it always ends up being a very touchy subject. Asking if God exists typically angers the demon so I avoid that. Usually when I ask about evolution that has a negative response too, since it's essentially denying God in their eyes.

Usually what I do for this question is ask #2 Why do humans exist? or I say #4 I've got nothing. both of these responses seem to end the dialogue and prevent further questions over 50% of the time.


What is the difference between boys and girls

Difference Between Boys and Girls

Any answer you choose for this question seems to have the same RNG chances of being a success or failure. I have tried all answers numerous times and I can't detect any sort of pattern which suggests one response is better than the others.


What do you think about sexual discrimination?

Discrimination Question

This is one of those very rare questions which definitely has set in stone answers. Occasionally you will get an enemy asking you about sexual discrimination, you should always pick the Do you mean "discrimination"? answer to this question because the monsters will always accept this answer.

In my experience the monster will always say, "See you get it! Why can't those politicans?" or something to that effect. Usually Happy will be increased when you answer this way too.


What do you think of this?

Disparity of Life Times

Looking at the answers we're given, typically #1 and/or #2 are the best ones to choose. I mean, #3 is basically fighting words so it's obvious that will make the demon more upset - though I guess sometimes it can also make them Scared too if you win the RNG. Normally I always choose #1 Life's worth isn't measured by length. this response seems to work at least 50% of the time which is the most we can ask for with an RNG question.


Does God love humans now?

Does God Love Humans Now

I think this question has both set in stone answers and some RNG tied to it. From my experimentation answers #1 and #2 are typically the best since almost all the demons in this game believe in God. Denying the existence of God will just upset the demon so it's best to play into that.

Sometimes even when you answer with #1 or #2 though the monster will reject your answer and become upset with you.


How are we different?

How Are We Different

From my experimentation with this question - every response is RNG and there is no response that seems better than the others. Regardless of how I responded to this question there was always a chance my answer was rejected and it made the demon upset with me.


Why hasn't humanity evolved

Humanity Evolving

Another question which boils down to almost entirely RNG. I've experimented with all answers to this question and there is always going to be a chance that the monster will reject your answer - regardless of what answer you provide. Usually I go with #2 We're evolving culturally and mentally. and deal with the consequences if the answer gets rejected.

Sometimes We're devolving works too, maybe it depends on the monster you're talking to or it's entirely RNG.


If I pass out, what will you do?

If I Pass Out WWYD

This question has some RNG tied to it but there really is only one answer that makes sense - #1 Help you. Answering any other way is very likely to make the monster Angry and raise his emotion; at least answering with #1 gives you a chance to not make him angry. In my experience there is a 20 - 40% chance I would say that the demon rejects your answer and gets mad anyway.


Why is the legal age 20

Legal Age for Alcohol and Smokes

Why is 20 years old the legal age to buy cigarettes and alcohol? Is the question that the demon asks you here. In my experience all of the answers to this question have some RNG tied to them -- however I seem to always get the response I want by choosing #2 You're physically an adult by then.

Usually when choosing option #2 the demon will say something along the lines of that makes sense and then they'll stop asking questions.


You will be old before you know it

Old Before You Know It

Sometimes a demon will tell you to be careful because you'll eventually get old. From what I have seen this question is all RNG and there is no correct answer - but it seems to me that choosing option #1 I'll watch out. results in a positive response most of the time. Telling the demon to watch out that they'll get old too typically just pisses them off and saying you don't mind typically gets you called a child and pisses them off too.


Which of the paths do you take?

Psychological Test Path to take

This question is one with set in stone answers in my experience. I always choose answer #3 for this question, Take the dark path. The demon is typically always surprised by this choice and calls you brave, as a result it will raise their Eager emotion and you won't be asked any follow up questions.

I'm not sure if all answers to this question have set in stone responses or not because I rarely experimented with anything aside from choosing #3 since that gave me the outcome I wanted 100% of the time.


The relationship between men and demons

Relationship of Men and Demons

In my experience all of the answers to this question are RNG. With that said, I have never gotten a satisfactory response by picking #1 - most of the time I end up picking answer #3 which is We're fine as we are. This typically surprises the demon and will typically end the dialogue and let me act again. I'm not sure if I have had any luck choosing answer #2.


Has humanity forgotten the importance of the planet?

Taking Earth for Granted

This question pops up from time to time, in my experience every answer has some RNG to it. However, I think the best answer (or I should say the one I have had the most luck with) is #2, I've been taking it for granted. It seems like when you answer this way the monster accepts your answer and stops bugging you with more questions. Although this could just be my luck of the draw when answering this way.


What are your thoughts on marriage?

Thoughts on Marriage

Occasionally you will be asked this question by demons and in my experience there is no right answer. Usually I choose I don't plan to get married. when asked this question because that seems to be the best answer - but sometimes it still gets rejected. If you choose answers #1 or #2 it will typically result in the demon sneering at you and rejecting your answer, at least in my experience.


What are computers used for?

What Are Computers Used For

This is one of my favorite questions but sadly it's another RNG question and no answer works all the time. I typically answer with For everything. and For porn. because they're the true answers. I'd say 60% of the time they accepted the For everything answer from me and 40% of the time they call me a liar.

When I answer For Porn. I feel that I have an even higher acceptance rate of my answer. They usually always give an affirmative sort of answer and then you're allowed to act again.


Are you afraid of anything?

What Are You Afraid Of

Finally we get a question which has a set in stone answer - My mother. In my experience no matter what when you choose My mother. it will always make the demon you're talking to Scared. They will also almost always cease all further questions and allow you to act again.


What are you doing here?

What Are You Doing Here

I think this question is entirely RNG, although Taking a stroll. and Looking for love. are the answers I typically choose. Demon-busting is a direct threat to the demon and that typically always makes them Angry and leads to more questions from them. I came to see you gets you called a liar and typically results in more dialogue so I settle for the other two.


What are you thinking about?

What Are You Thinking Of

Another question which I believe is entirely RNG. I've tried tons of different responses to this question and they're always hit or miss - nothing seems to ever be reliable for me. Usually I always answer Nothing. or What's for dinner. because I find it funny.


What do you think of my form?

What do you think of my form

Occasionally you will be asked this question and in my experience every answer is RNG. Sometimes demons will reject the answer I give them one time and accept it another and I don't think there is any good answer to this question that works more than the other options. However, in my experience I typically answer Meh. and it makes the enemies Scared and stop asking more questions.