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Demon Questions & Answers - Persona 2: Innocent Sin Guides

This page is designed to be an information dump about the Contact system in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I had a small amount of fun with this system but ended up being very interested in the specifics of how it worked. Since there is so little information online about this system and my job as a guide writer is to break down different aspects of games and explain them... I seen a perfect opportunity with this game.

So, the first thing I would like to talk about on these pages is my experience with different types of questions. You may already know this part but there are some questions which are only asked by certain types of monsters and some questions which are only directed at certain characters. Different emotions typically have different questions/responses as well.

For example, the Angry emotion has many different questions that the monster can ask you and often times those questions end up being lose/lose situations. Where no matter what you answer there's always a chance that the monster is going to become more irate with you. This brings me to my next point and that's there are some questions that have set answers and set outcomes and other questions which are totally RNG.

Questions with set in stone answers will always give you the same outcome when you answer them a certain way. Other questions involve a lot of RNG and how the monster reacts to one of your answers varies and is left to chance. The difference between these two types of questions is partly what I made this guide to document. I also wanted to document which emotions the questions with set in stone answers raised.

Like I said at the top of this guide, I designed it to mostly be an information dump. I took screenshots of almost every question I got from demons in this game and I sorted them based on arbitrary categories that I think they belong in. Below each screenshot you'll find information about this question that I learned through my days of experimentation and trial/error. Hopefully this information helps some of you guys out there!


Demon Questions & Answers

- Angry Questions
- Eikichi Questions
- Ginko Questions
- Maya Questions
- Tatsuya Questions
- 2nd Page of General Questions



What do you want?

What Do You Want

You will be asked this question from time to time by monsters and there is no correct answer. In my experience this question is an RNG question, there's always a chance that your answer gets rejected. However, there is one stipulation I have to this. If you have 2/3 Eager emotion on the monster and say I want cards. he'll often give you cards. The same is true if you have 2/3 Happy emotion and ask for a pact.

If you don't have 2/3 of a certain emotion the monster will often reject your answer or laugh about it, like I said it comes down to RNG.


What do you see?

What Do Your Eyes Show You

This question is an RNG question in my experience, it doesn't matter what answer I give there's always a chance that it gets rejected. My favorite answer to this question is A peaceful future because it seems to end the conversation when chosen.


What is a school?

What Is A School

Occasionally you will be asked the question shown above about school. In my experience this is an RNG question and it doesn't matter what you answer because there's always a slight chance that your answer will be rejected. More often than not I give the true answer to this question which is A place of learning.


What is that thing?

What is A TV

Sometimes you are asked a question involving the glowing box that most people watch in their living room. This question has a set in stone answer in my experience when you answer with A TV. I am not sure I have ever seen a monster reject this answer, typically they always become Scared and comment about the TV brainwashing people - which is actually quite accurate still to this day!


What kind of animal would you be?

What Kind of Animal Are You

I think this question is entirely RNG related - I have tried answering each animal and none of them seem to work with 100% frequency. I used to always answer with A human. because monsters seem to accept that answer 50% of the time. However, I have had really good luck choosing A sloth too, demons typically find that answer funny and stop asking follow up questions.


What language should I learn?

What Language Should I learn

This question seems to be entirely RNG related when talking to some monsters and set in stone when talking to other monsters. I have a lot of luck choosing English when asked this question, the demons will typically utter an English phrase and their Happy emotion will go up. When English doesn't work I tell them to learn Esperanto and they typically find that response funny.


What do you prefer?

What Meat Do You Prefer

Occasionally you will be asked this question by a female demon - in my experience they often ask the men on your team this question. From my experimentation I believe there is no correct answer for this question and no matter what you select it'll always be up to RNG whether or not the monster accepts the answer or not.

I often choose the same color skin as the monster you're talking to. If they have light skin then I choose answer #1 and if they have dark skin I choose #2. I don't think this makes a difference though, it always seems like it is RNG to me.


Why do you only have hair on your head?

Why do humans only have hair on head

I think this question has some RNG aspects related to it and sometimes it is set in stone. When talking with the demon shown in the screenshot above, Orthrus, he seems to always get Scared when I answer We have clothes, so we don't need it. However, I don't have this same luck with other demons when I ask this same question, it seems a lot more RNG for them.


Why do humans engage in war?

Why Do Humans War

Every response to this question involves some RNG in my experience. I have experimented with nearly every response on this list and in my experience the one that works most often is For themselves. which is the first response on the list. However you should keep in mind that I may be getting lucky with this answer since I know there is a chance that the monster rejects any answer you give them.


Why is sea water salty?

Why is Sea Water Salty

In my experience this question comes with a small amount of RNG and has 2 correct answers. I always answer with either #1 and #2 since these two response are often accepted as correct by the demons. It's from ancient volcanoes. and Salt comes from the ocean floor. are the responses I am talking about, the usually raise the Happy emotion and end further questions.


Why is the sky blue?

Why Is The Sky Blue

This question is one that comes with a small amount of RNG and two correct answers. I always answer with Light refraction in the atmosphere. or with An angel spilled blue paint. because it seems that these answers are accepted most often. There is always a small chance that the monster will reject one of these answers and call you a liar but they accept them at least half the time in my experience.


Will you still remember me?

Will You Remember Me

I rarely get asked this question, it may be one only Tatsuya gets but I am not sure. From my experience with this question it does have a set in stone answer, if you choose I can't tell the monster will typically commend you for being honest with it. Answering any other way (especially Yes) has always gotten me a negative response.


You will lose your home!

You Will Lose Your Home

From my experience with this question it's entirely RNG based. I've tried answering each of the 3 responses and there is always a small chance that the demon rejects what I am saying and gets Angry instead. There was no answer to this question that seemed to get more success than the others.


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