Rogue Galaxy Walkthrough Section

This section here is for my Rogue Galaxy Walkthroughs. Most of them are basic and are here for some of the questions I asked myself while playing the game. Such was where are the Earth, Sun and Star keys and also how in the hell do I beat the boss "Gale". He was such a bitch because I didn't understand the importance of blocking before him. There are a few more like him later in the game too but as long as you beat Gale they should be cake. The most expansive guide I have on Rogue Galaxy is my Quarry Guide. I have a list for pretty much every single Quarry in the whole game!

If this is your first time on my website you may notice that my guides here are a bit different than what you'd expect. This is primarily an index page and I have guides for the most commonly asked questions I see about the game on google. So, if you stumbled into this website from google, it's working!!

Any other guides will be added to the list as I do them for this game, otherwise, enjoy what I have!

Rogue Galaxy - Gale Boss Fight

Rogue Galaxy - Quarry Guide

Rogue Galaxy - Earth Key

Rogue Galaxy - Sun Key

Rogue Galaxy - Star Key

Rogue Galaxy - Desert Seeker Upgrades/Earthbreaker ultimate weapon

Rogue Galaxy CodeBreaker Codes


Rogue Galaxy Game Review












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