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Rogue Galaxy Quarry Guide

In Rogue Galaxy one of the main side quests you can do are called Quarries. The primary reason you'll want to do the quarries is for Hunter Points which you can turn in at any teleporter to move up the in the ranks and get unique rewards. The second reason to do the quarries is because each quarry rewards you with a unique item.

Sometimes it is a weapon and sometimes it is armor to change the graphics of someone in your team. You can find the NPC that sells quarries on Zerard on the opposite side of the desk in the Galaxy Corporation as MIO. Speak with her and she'll have a list of quarries for sale that are currently available to you ingame.

In order to do each quarry you'll need to go to the location it is at on the planet and bring the item required to summon it. Each location will have a red circle on the ground with a ? floating above it. On each page for each quarry I will show you its location and tell you the item needed to summon it. That's really all there is to it.

The Cave Bandit

Tomb Guardian

The Steel Shipwright

The Wayward Phantasm

The Voracious Wanderer

The Jungle Master

The Shapeless Assassin

The Sin-steeped Drifter

The Rumored Ladyhunter

The Tower Predator

The Tower Matador

The Desert Idol

The Winged Traveler

The Rock N Roller

The Ancient Fairy

The Labyrinth Terror

The Rogue Pirates

The Envoy on High

The Seaside Terror

Raft to the Underworld