Items & What They Do - Monster Rancher 1

MR1 Item Guide

This page will give you details about the various items in the Monster Rancher series and what they do. Almost every Monster Rancher game in the series suffers from a serious lack of information as far as the items are concerned. Most items tell you in vague terms what they do but they fail to give you specific details or numerical values of any kind. You are left to guess what each item does or Google for information, which is probably what brought you here.

I put together this guide to shed some light on all the items in this game and what it is specifically that they all do. You'll notice that many items change different values like Spoil, Fear, Stress and Fatigue - if you look through the menus ingame you will not find any of these listed... Much like the items themselves, this information is also vague and needs further explanation.

For those of you who are new to the series and don't know what any of this stuff does I recommend you check out my Fatigue and Stress Guide for Monster Rancher 1. Stress and Fatigue are the most important stats that you need to understand, the rest of them you can learn more about later if you plan to really dive into this series and play it in a min/max sort of way.

Out of all the items on this page there are 3 in particular that I want to single out and draw your attention to. Meat, Taffy and Mint Leaf are (in my opinion) the 3 most important items in this game. Taffy is something you will be using almost every week on most of the monsters you raise since it will restore Fatigue. Using Taffy means you never have to Rest your monster which means you can spend more time raising stats.

Mint Leaf restores Stress which is another hidden stat that is important for you to pay attention to. A lot of the things you do in this game will raise your monster's Stress and having too high of Stress can result in him running away or his Lifespan becoming shorter - both of which are really bad.

Last but not least you have Meat which is the only thing you should ever feed your monster at the start of each month. Meat has various useful things it does but most importantly it extends your monster's Lifespan by 1 Week each time you eat it which is very important if you want to maximize how much time you get out of a strong monster.

With all of that information out of the way, let's look at all the various items available in Monster Rancher 1 and what they do!


Monthly Food Items:

Potatoes: +10 Stress, x0.7 Fear and x0.7 Spoil
Fish: +2 Form
Meat: +1 Week Lifespan, -10 Stress, +3 Spoil and +6 Form


Consumable Items:

All of the items under this category are items that you can use a single time on one of your monsters before they are consumed. Most of these items are sold at the shop in the game but others are won through tournaments or found on Expeditions. The shop in this game will expand its stock of items as the years go on so keep an eye out for various Medicines and Vitamins that will become available later in the game.

Apple Cake: +10 Spoil, +10 Form and x0.5 Fear
Candy: +1 Spoil and +10 Form
Herb: +1 Fear and -20 Form
Mint: -50 Stress, +2 Fear and -5 Form
Mango: -10 Fatigue, +1 Spoil and +1 Fear
Sting Dust: +10 Fear and +10 Spoil
Taffy: -50 Fatigue, +2 Spoil and +5 Form
Mystic Snake: +10 Fear, x0.5 Spoil and -10 Form

Medicine A: -25 Weeks Lifespan; POW and SPD x2 for a single tournament
Medicine B: -25 Weeks Lifespan; DEF and SKI x2 for a single tournament

Fly Pill: -1 Week Lifespan; +20 SPD and -10 DEF
Heart Pill: -1 Week Lifespan; +20 SKI and -10 POW
Power Pill (Pill): -2 Weeks Lifespan; +10 POW, +10 DEF and -10 LIF
Vitamin A: -2 Weeks Lifespan; +10 POW, +10 LIF and -10 SKI
Vitamin B: -2 Weeks Lifespan; +10 DEF, +10 LIF and -10 SPD
Vitamin C: -1 Week Lifespan (-3 in DX); +10 POW and +10 SKI (Per Week in DX)
Vitamin D: -2 Weeks Lifespan (-6 in DX); +POW and +SKI Per Week (Varies for each monster)

Gold Peach: +50 Weeks added to Lifespan.
Plant Egg: +25 Weeks added to Lifespan; -50 Fear and -50 Spoil

Each monster can only find a single Gold Peach and Plant Egg during its life. You don't have to use this item on the same monster you find it on though, you can feed these items to a monster and then freeze it repeatedly to make it live very very long.


Passive Items:

Passive items are items that will give you benefits as long as you keep them in your inventory. The downside is they cost an inventory slot and the upside is they give you constant benefit without ever having to consume them. You can find most/all of the passive items from Expeditions.

Calm Stone: -5 Stress (on Week 1)
Fire Stone: -5 Fatigue (on Week 1)
Wind Drum: +3 Fear
Wind Whistle: +3 Spoil


Combining Items:

All of the items in this list are used in monster Combines at the Lab in town. Each time you Combine a monster in this game you will be able to pick an item to use in the combination. Typically these items can be used to enhance the outcome but sometimes the items are used to influence the outcome too in the case of rare monsters.

Disc Chip (Dino): +10 SKI
Disc Chip (Gali): +10 INT
Disc Chip (Golem): +10 POW
Disc Chip (Hare): +10 SKI
Disc Chip (Jell): +10 DEF
Disc Chip (Monol): +10 DEF
Disc Chip (Naga): +10 POW
Disc Chip (Pixie): +10 INT
Disc Chip (Plant): +10 LIF
Disc Chip (Suezo): +10 SKI
Disc Chip (Tiger): +10 SKI
Disc Chip (Worm): +10 LIF

Frelia God Statue: +50 LIF and +50 INT
Gadamon God Statue: +50 POW and +50 DEF
Paragama God Statue: +50 SKI and +50 SPD

Old Mirror: Old Mirror is found in the Titus Expedition map and is used to unlock the Magic monster.
Magic Banana: The Magic Banana item is obtained from the Hartville Expedition and is used to unlock the Ape monster.
Doll Pieces: You can find these when doing the Reno Expedition and they're used for unlocking the Henger monster.
Cat Doll: Cat Doll is sold by the Shop 25 years after your first visit and is used to unlock the Nya monster.
Dragon Tusk: You can obtain this item from winning a tournament, it's used in unlocking the Dragon monster.



Diamond: Sells for 10,000G; it has no other uses
Emerald: Sells for 8,000G; has no other uses
Pure Gold: Sells for 6,000G; it has no other uses