How to Unlock Henger - Monster Rancher 1

Henger Monster Stats

Henger is one of the harder monsters to unlock in Monster Rancher 1 since it requires you to run some Expeditions and keep at least 4 items with you during this entire period. You will also need a monster with a high Power stat that is capable of clearing an obstacle in the Reno Expedition to complete this monster unlock side quest. The first step of unlocking a Henger is to participate in the Reno Expeditions and collect all 4 Doll Parts.

The Doll Parts that you need to collect are found in various Searchable Areas throughout the Reno Expedition. If you use Legend Cup's Expedition Maps you can see the exact areas, the location marked #7 on the map is where you can find all 4 Doll Parts. My advice to you would be to save before going on these Expeditions incase you don't get an outcome that you want, reload until you're satisfied with the results.

You will need to collect the following Doll Pieces from the Reno Expedition:

Doll Leg L
Doll Hand L
Doll Leg R
Doll Hand R

Henger Parts in Reno ExpeditionHenger Parts 2 Reno Expedition
Holly looks stoned in the second picture, I love it.

Once you've collected all 4 of these Doll Parts you will need to raise a monster to A Rank (do not go any higher) and wait until January Week 1. If you have all 4 Doll Parts in your inventory and a monster who is A rank you should receive an invite to the Winter Invitational Tournament on February Week 4. This will be an A Rank tournament as well; it will be a one on one battle against a Henger monster.

Win the Winter Invitational Tournament and you'll get the Doll Head as a reward. This item will automatically be combined together with the other pieces by Tesca after the tournament. Now that you have the Clay Doll in your possession all that's left is to go back to the Reno Expedition and read a Stone Tablet in the northern portion of the map. I recommend you check out the Reno Ruins Map on the Legend Cup Website for the exact location, it's marked as 9 on the map.

In order to reach this Stone Tablet you will need to have a monster with a Power stat of 600+ destroy the obstacle; you will then need a monster with 600 Intelligence to read the Stone Tablet. After you read the Stone Tablet with the Clay Doll in your inventory the monster you have will be marked - you will get a notification that this happened when you return from your Expedition.

Now all that's left is to use this monster in the combining process to create a Henger. Combine this monster with any other monster and use the Clay Doll item to create a Henger!


How to Unlock Henger Monster:

1. Participate in the Reno Expeditions until you get all 4 Doll Parts (R Leg, L Leg, R Arm and L Arm)
2. Raise any monster to A Rank (no higher) and accept the invite on January Week 1 to the Winter Invitational Tournament on February Week 4
3. Beat the Winter Invitational Tournament for the Doll Head item, the 4 pieces you have and the Doll Head will automatically combine into a Clay Doll Item.
4. Destroy the POW obstacle in the Reno Ruins Expedition using a monster with 600+ Strength
5. Make sure you have the Clay Doll in your inventory and use a monster with 600+ Intelligence to read the Stone Tablet; you'll receive a mark on the monster if you succeed
6. Take the monster that's marked to the Lab in town and combine it with any other monster to create a Henger