How to Unlock Dragon - Monster Rancher 1

Dragon Monster

Dragons are one of the harder classes to unlock in Monster Rancher 1 as there are many steps involved in the process. The first thing you need to do is raise a monster to B rank and participate in the B Rank Trial Cup which takes place during the 4th week of April. During this tournament one of the enemies you fight will be a Dragon; Holly will point this out too at the start of the tournament.

Make sure that your monster is over leveled for this tournament otherwise you will likely lose. The Dragon opponent is extremely powerful for a B rank monster, I was able to beat every opponent in the tournament easily except for him, he wiped the floor with me. Thankfully I still won the tournament though as (somehow) the Dragon lost to the AI opponents twice and I didn't.

After you win this tournament you'll get a visit from Tesca, one of Holly's friends. He'll tell you about the next tournament where you can win the Dragon Tusk item which we need to unlock the Dragon Monster. In order to participate in this next tournament you'll need to advance to Class A and then accept the invite to participate.

You'll get the invite on the 1st Week of July assuming that you win the advancement test to Rank A on the 4th Week of June. This tournament is a one on one battle against a Dragon, you know how difficult this enemy is from our last fight so make sure you're prepared before challenging him.

Dragon Tusk TournamentDragon Tournament Battle

Before entering this tournament I strongly recommend you save your game incase you lose - you can reload and try as many times as it takes to win. If you can't win no matter how many times you try then you'll have to wait until another tournament comes around that offers the Dragon Tusk as a reward.

Once you've acquired the Dragon Tusk you'll now be on the hardest part of unlocking a Dragon - collecting a Grape and a Stinger. A Grape is a Dino/Naga monster and a Stinger is a Naga/Dino monster - you will need to Combine both of these with a Dragon Tusk to create a Dragon.

Those of you who are tech savvy and don't mind using a cheese method should visit Legend Cup's Monster Generator page. Using this website you can create disc files that give you the monsters that you need. I strongly recommend you do this because trying to make the monsters through Combining will take forever and trying to find the right Discs otherwise will take even longer. As the saying goes, ain't nobody got time for that!


How to unlock the Dragon Monster:

1. Raise a monster to B Class and win the B Rank Trial Cup in the 4th week of April
2. Increase your monster's rank to A Class but do not go any further
3. On the 1st Week of July you'll get an invite to the next tournament
4. The next tournament is a one on one battle against a Dragon on the 4th Week of August; you must win this to get the Dragon Tusk item
5. Combine a Stinger (Naga/Dino) and a Grape (Dino/Naga) with the Dragon Tusk item to unlock Dragons