How to Unlock Magic - Monster Rancher 1

Magic Monster Stats

The Magic Monster in Monster Rancher 1 can be one of the easier monsters to unlock depending on what CDs you have available to you. In order to unlock Magic the first thing you need to do is obtain the Old Mirror item from the Titus Expedition. Karn will approach you at your Ranch on the 2nd Week of January for the Titus Expedition assuming that your monster meets the pre-requisites to participate in an Expedition.

If you've never done an Expedition in this game before, you'll need your monster to be at least C Rank and have at least 40 Fame to get invited in an Expedition. There are a total of 3 Expeditions and Karn will invite you to participate in them at different times throughout the year. Like I previously stated, this Expedition takes place in January on the 2nd Week of the month.

Your first time coming to the Titus Expedition you should bring a monster with high POW so that you can clear the various obstacles blocking your routes. You won't be able to reach anything of importance on this map until you clear at least one of the POW obstacles. Once you've cleared some obstacles you'll need to use a monster with high Intelligence and/or Skill to find the item that we need.

For help navigating this Expedition I strongly recommend you use Legend Cup's Titus Expedition Map. This map will show you where all of the obstacles are and more importantly it will show you where the searchable areas are. We need the searchable areas to find the Old Mirror which is the required Combining item to make a Magic monster.

Old Mirror Obtained

When looking at the Titus Expedition Map you'll see that the best location to search for the Old Mirror is Searchable Area #9 - but Searchable Area #8 is good too and it's much easier to get to from the entrance. In order to reach Searchable Area #8 you literally just go straight from the time you start this Expedition until you reach the location.

Once you obtain the Old Mirror all that's left is to obtain a Gali/Gali and Monol/Monol monster and then freeze them. For those of you who are not playing the Steam Remaster of this game doing this part will be much easier for you. Legend Cup has a feature on their website called Shrine Monster Generator that allows you to generator fake CD files that the game will read and give you the appropriate monsters.

You can create either CD image files that you can burn to a disc if you're using a physical console or you can create .cue and .bin files which an Emulator will recognize if you're playing on an Emulator. Using these files you can easily get yourself both a Gali/Gali and Monol/Monol monster.

After creating both of these monsters Freeze them and then use the Lab to Combine them together with the Old Mirror as your item. This will create a Magic monster for you!


How to Unlock Magic Monster:

1. Obtain the Old Mirror from the Titus Expedition
2. Use the Old Mirror as an item when Combining a Gali/Gali and Monol/Monol monster
3. The resulting monster will be a Magic/Magic