Deling City - FF8 Guide

At the top of every page of my Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough I will have a list of the most important GF Abilities for you to learn as well as my personal preference for who to junction GFs to for this part of the story. The game's auto order for GFs learning abilities is extremely terrible so it's strongly recommended you interfere and do the abilities in the order I provide here.

Throughout the game you can also refine Cards into Items and then those Items into magic. I've provided a list of the refinements that you can do for the cards that you will most likely have in your possession at this time during the story below as well. This same information will be provided at the top of every page during the full walkthrough, keep checking it as it'll change as the story progresses.


GF Abilities to Learn:

Quezacotl: Card, Card Mod, T Mag-RF, Mid Mag-RF, Boost, Vit-J, Elem-Def-J, Elem-Defx2, Mag+20%, Mag+40%, Mag Bonus

Shiva: I Mag-RF, Str-J, Elem-Atk-J, Elem-Def-J, Elem-Defx2, Vit-J, Spr+20%, Spr+40%, Spr Bonus, Boost

Ifrit: F Mag-RF, Str+20%, Str+40%, Str Bonus, HP-J, Str-J, Ammo-RF, Elem-Atk-J, Elem-Def-J, Mad Rush, Boost

Siren: Tool-RF, L Mag-RF, Mag-J, Mag+20%, Mag+40%, Mag Bonus, Move-Find, ST-Atk-J, ST-Def-J, ST-Def-Jx2, St Med-RF, Boost

Diablos: ST Mag-RF, Time Mag-RF, Enc-Half, Enc-None, HP-J, Mag-J, Mug, Hit-J, Mag+20%, Mag+40%, Mag Bonus

Brothers: Str-J, Elem-Atk-J, Spr-J HP+20%, HP+40%, HP Bonus, Cover, Boost
Acquired from Tomb of the Unknown King early on in this chapter.

Carbuncle: Vit+20%, Vit+40%, Vit Bonus, Mag-J, HP-J, Vit-J, ST-Def-J, ST-Atk-J, Counter, Recov Med-RF
Acquired at the end of this chapter.


GF Junctioning:

Squall, Zell or Irvine: Ifrit, Diablos

Quistis Irvine or Zell: Quezacotl, Brothers

Rinoa or Selphie: Siren, Shiva
Switch Shiva here after you get Brothers.


Caraways Guard Test

The first thing you're going to want to do in Deling City is grab the Kiros Card. This assumes you've been doing the Queen of Cards Side Quest up until this point, if you haven't then the Kiros Card won't be available.

Note: The Kiros Card will Card Mod into 3 Accelerator items which teach a GF Auto-Haste, one of the best abilities for a GF in the game.

After you got the Kiros Card head on over to Caraway's Mansion (pictured above) and speak to the guard outfront. He'll tell you that you first have to prove your worth by going to Tomb of the Unknown King which is northeast of the city. All you have to do is take a few steps inside, read the blade (pictured below) then return to town.

The code on the blade changes for everyone's game so using the number you see in my screenshot won't work for you. There's also more to this dungeon than just finding the blade, but it's entirely optional. If you'd like to do the optional part of this dungeon and get the GF Brothers, head on over to my Tomb of the Unknown King GF Guide.

Student ID Number
This code will not work for you, it's just a picture showing you where to find the code.

Either way, once you have the password from the sword near the dungeon's entrance you're able to return to General Caraway's Mansion in Deling City. Speak to the guard out front again and give him the password (the format you have to submit it in is backwards and more confusing than the quest itself).

There is a lot of tedious back and forth for this next part so to make things easier I have put everything you need to do in an easier to understand layout...

1. Speak with Rinoa inside the Mansion
2. Follow General Caraway around Deling City
3. Return to the mansion and speak with General Caraway
4. (In control of Quistis) Try to leave the room
5. (In control of Squall) Follow General Caraway & speak to him under the arch
6. Follow General Caraway to the Presidential Palace and speak with him here
7. (In control of Quistis) Return to General Caraway's Mansion
8. (In control of Rinoa) Junction Enc-None to Rinoa

While you're in control of Rinoa you'll find yourself in the same area shown in my screenshot below. If you have Enc-None Junctioned to her then go down into the sewers via the manhole cover so that you can collect the Weapons Monthly May Magazine from down there. If you don't have Enc-None then you may want to wait until you come through this area with Squall and Irvine in a few minutes.

Deling City Boxes and Manhole Cover

Once you've gotten the magazine climb up the boxes with Rinoa and follow the linear path around the building to the Sorceress's room for a scene. When you are finally in control of one of your characters again it'll be Quistis inside General Caraway's Mansion.

You have to examine the wall near the door (as pictured below) to move a glass. Then you have to go into the room at the top left of the screen that the arrow is pointing into, use the glass on the statue here and a doorway will open.

The path that you have to follow through the Deling Sewers is pretty linear, hop on the waterwheel and go through the northern door to switch your control back to Squall.

Quistis Taking a GlassQuistis on Waterway

With Squall follow Irvine until you get to the same area with the boxes and manhole cover that Rinoa was at earlier. Climb the boxes and go the same exact way that Rinoa went.... If you need to grab the Weapons Monthly Magazine then do that now too.

Junction Tips for Iguion: Make sure Draw is Junctioned to at least one character or you'll miss one of the best GFs in the game! Also Junction Quake to Elem-Atk and Fire to Elem-Def as well as Petrify to St-Def.

The upcoming bosses aren't really that difficult but it would help if you put all your available GFs on both Squall and Irvine as well. When you're ready to fight these enemies head up to the same room where Rinoa had her confrontation with the Sorceress. In this room you'll be thrown into a fight against two Iguions.

Draw Carbuncle

Important Draw Tip: Make sure you draw Carbuncle right now because you won't get another opportunity until Disc 4 to get this GF!

After you've Drawn Carbuncle, to defeat the Iguion enemies in a single turn hit them with two Quakes. If you don't want to waste your Quake magic then just hit them with a couple of melee attacks until they fall over. Our next destination is the hatch in the right side of the screen in the previous room. Open this and go down it to retrieve the Sniper Rifle and continue the story. Back to Quistis's party!

Junction all of your GFs to Quistis's group and if you have a Turtle Shell item use it on Carbuncle to teach him Vit+20%. This will mean you won't have to learn the ability yourself, which will save you some AP. For this next part it's highly recommend you have Enc-None Junctioned to someone.

The path through the sewers is pretty linear, to navigate it you'll want to keep in mind that you can open the gates by pressing X on many of the water ways. Also, if you see a ladder that stands out on the terrain, examine it and it'll fall for you, creating a bridge (pictured below).

Quistis Knocking Down LadderDeling Sewers Locations

Our destination is the otherside of the waterway in the same area that's below Caraway's Mansion (as pictured above). When you're nearby Caraway's Mansion again you'll want to go through the doorway on the right side of the screen and follow the linear path again until you reach your destination (marked by a Save Point).

Climb up the ladder twice until you reach the top where you'll hit the switch with Quistis, triggering another scene. When you find yourself in control of Squall again you'll want to Junction everyone then go through the dialogue with Irvine to continue.

GF Junctioning:

Squall: Ifrit, Diablos
Irvine: Quezacotl, Brothers, Carbuncle
Rinoa: Siren, Shiva

Junctioning Tip: Equip Mug to whomever has Diablos so you can actually get loot for the upcoming battles

After a few scenes you'll find yourself in a fight against Seifer with only Squall. This fight is a total pushover, if you've got good magic Junctioned to Squall and you're low level you'll literally one shot Seifer.

Seifer vs Squall in Deling CityEdea Battle in Deling City

Edea Draw Tip: If you don't have Double on one of your characters you can Draw it from Edea here.

If you have Mug Junctioned you'll have a low chance to steal a Hero from Seifer, which is a pretty useful item. It's doubtful you'll be able to get the item before defeating him though, as he has too little HP. After you take out Seifer there will be a short scene after which you'll be thrown into battle against Edea.

Rinoa and Irvive will quickly join you in battle after which the fight is extremely easy. Edea likes to use powerful spells but they only hit for about 300 which is basically 1/10th most of our character's total HP. When Edea falls there will be more scenes followed by the end of Disc 1.



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