Kiros Card - FF8 Guide

Kiros Card NPC Location

Location: Deling City
Region: Deling
NPC: Man in Black
Card Mod: 3 Accelerator
First Available: Disc 1

The Kiros Card can be won from a man wearing all black standing in the Shopping Arcade section of Deling City. You can either ride a vehicle to the Shopping Arcade or run here on foot. The man wearing black has a pixelated character model, if you're having a hard time finding him use my picture above.

In order for this guy to play the Kiros Card you'll need to have completed enough of the Queen of Cards Side Quest to make this card available. That means losing the MiniMog Card to the Queen and making sure she moves to Dollet after you do.

Unlike all of the other Rare Cards, you can't win the Kiros Card from any of the Card Club Group onboard the Ragnarok during Disc 4. Every card that's a reward in the Queen of Cards Side Quest is unique and can't be acquired any other way.

Accelerator Kiros Card Mod

Kiros's Card Mod is one of the best in the entire game as it gives you 3 Accelerator items which teach your GFs Auto-Haste. This ability, so long as it's equipped your character will be immune to Slow and Stop as well as under the effects of Haste during every battle.

If you're wondering what GFs to teach them to, there are two good combinations that I have come to after much research. Here are the combinations and why I came to the conclusion of these three.

Shiva, Ifrit and Quezacotl: These 3 GFs are commonly separated in each build, some people recommend pairing at least one of them though

Shiva, Carbuncle, Quezacotl: These 3 GFs have to remain separate at all times since they're the only 3 GFs with Vit-J. That makes these the safest choice for these sorts of items




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