Weapons - Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

This page provides a comprehensive list of Weapons in the game Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. On this page you'll find all the weapons in the said game together with their effects. If you're interested in exploring Items, Skills or Armors, you can easily access their dedicated pages through the provided links below for more information and details.


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Cypress Stick: +2 Attack.

Copper Sword: +13 Attack.

Saw Blade: +27 Attack.

Steel Broadsword: +33 Attack.

Pankraz's Sword: +40 Attack.

Serpent Sword: +42 Attack.

Cautery Sword: +45 Attack.

Dream Blade: +55 Attack. May sleep enemies.

Falcon Blade: +67 Attack. Strikes twice.

Siren Sword: +70 Attack. Can confuse enemies.

Zombiesbane: +80 Attack. High damage to undead.

Faerie Foil: +85 Attack. Casts buff when used.

Dragonsbane: +90 Attack. High damage to dragons.

Massacre Sword: +95 Attack.

Double Edged Sword: +99 Attack. Cursed.

Miracle Sword: +100 Attack. Restores HP by attacking.

Blizzard Sword: +105 Attack. More damage for foes weak against cold.

Zenithian Sword: +118 Attack. Negates buffs on enemies.

Metal King Sword: +130 Attack.



Poison Needle: +1 Attack. High critical hit rate.

Paring Knife: +6 Attack.

Bronze Knife: +12 Attack.

Poison Moth Knife: +24 Attack. Can paralyze target.

Icicle Dirk: Saber: +70 Attack. Casts Crack when used.



Bamboo Spear: +5 Attack.

Lonospear: +85 Attack.

Demon Spear: +99 Attack. High crit hit rate.


Claws and Fangs

Bone Stake: +6 Attack.

Stone Fangs: +12 Attack.

Iron Claw: +19 Attack.

Steel Fangs: +35 Attack.

Fire Claw: +53 Attack.

Cobra Claw: +90 Attack. Can poison target.

Orichalcum Fangs: +115 Attack.



Boomerang: +14 Attack.

Edged Boomerang: +25 Attack.

Flametang Boomerang: +65 Attack.


Chains and Whips

Thorn Whip: +18 Attack.

Chain Sickle: +27 Attack.

Chain Whip: +28 Attack.

Morning Star: +45 Attack.

Spiked Steel Whip: +65 Attack.

Gringham Whip: +100 Attack.

Flail of Destruction: +125 Attack.


Hammers and Axes

Oaken Club: +9 Attack.

Giant Mallet: +10 Attack.

Stone Axe: +20 Attack.

Sledge Hammer: +30 Attack.

Battle-Axe: +45 Attack.

War Hammer: +60 Attack.

Hela Hammer: +40 Attack. Low accuracy High Atk.



Oaken Staff: +9 Attack.

Iron Staff: +20 Attack.

Staff of Divine Wrath: +35 Attack. Casts Woosh when used.

Staff of Antimagic: 40 Attack. Negates buffs on enemies.

Somatic Staff: +55 Attack. Uses MP to attack.

Stollo's Staff: +60 Attack.

Magma Staff: +63 Attack. Casts boom when used.

Staff of Ressurection: +66 Attack. Casts zing when used.

Dragon Staff: 125 Transform into a dragon.



Great Bow: +110 Attack.


Dual Wield

Falcon Knife Earrings: +35 Attack. Strikes twice.

Akillics: +40 Attack. Strikes twice.

Diamond Akillics: +55 Attack. Strikes twice.



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