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This page provides a comprehensive list of Items in the game Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. On this page you'll find all the items in the said game together with their effects. If you're interested in exploring Armors, Skills or Weapons, you can easily access their dedicated pages through the provided links below for more information and details.


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Medical Herb: Cures a small amount of HP, around 30.

Chimera Wing: Warps you back to a town you've been to.

Musk: Encounter enemies more often for a set of time.

Antidotal Herb: Cures poison.

Moonwart Bulb: The lunar root can cure a party member of paralysis.

Holy Water: Prevents encounters from weak enemies for a set time.

Paxa Punch: This powerful pick-me-up will double a party member's strength.

Phial of Magic Water: Restores a little bit of MP to one party member.

Yggdrasil Leaf: Can revive a fallen party member.

Yggdrasil Dew: Fully heals all party members.

Elfin Elixir: Fully restores one party member's MP.

Seed of Resilience: Increases resilience.

Seed of Strength: Increases strength.

Seed of Wisdom: Increases wisdom.

Seed of Agility: Increases agility.

Seed of Life: Increases maximum HP.

Seed of Magic: Increases maximum MP.

Monster Munchies: Hurl some to a hungry enemy to distract them so hey miss their chance to strike.

T 'n' T Ticket: Used in a the T n T board game.

Tombola Ticket : Used in the Tombola game in Lodestar pub basement.

Whealbrook Bluestone: There are visible patches of sparkling gemstone in this rock.

Stone from Whealbrook: It's just a bit of rock found in Whealbrook.

Rockbomb Shard: This volatile volcanic fragment will blow with a big bang when hurled at the enemy.

Big Book of Beasts: An illustrated guide to monsters, shows exp, gold drops, and if the monster is recruitable or not.

Night Light: A lamp that summons nightfall when lit.

Chamois: There's no better way to polish all those important items than with this.

Diamond: This gem can take the fall in place of its bearer.

Sage's Stone: This rock restores some of each party member's HP in battle.

War Drum: When used it casts oomph on all party members. Can be used multiple times.

Rebirth Stone: If in your inventory it will automatically revive you.

Prayer Ring: Restores MP when used, can break.

Adventurer's Letter: Press they Y button to open the map outside town.

Pankraz's Letter: These are the last words Pankraz ever committed to paper.

Ra's Mirror: This legendary looking glass always reflects the truth.

Royal Insignia: The monarchic mark of the House of Gotha.

Talaria: These strange shoes have wings attached.

Faerie Horn: This instrument plays the sweet song of the faerie folk.

Zenithian Tintinnabulum: The peal of this bell carries all the way to Zenithia, used to call the Zenith Dragon.

Grappling Hook: A vert long, tough rope with a hook attached to one end.

Flying Carpet: This mystical mat can carry passengers over low-lying areas.

Aspersorium: A consecrated container filled with holy water.


Mini Medals

Mini Medal 1: In Roundbeck, go to the bar and talk to the lady she'll ask you if you want a drink say no. She'll open the door and head inside. You'll see some stairs leading down. Break the pots in there and you'll get it.

Mini Medal 2: In Coburg, in a blue door North of Harry's room, break the pot to get it.

Mini Medal 3: In Lodestar Harbour by the church flower bed on the right side is a shiny.

Mini Medal 4: In Lodestar Harbour lighthouse in a drawer.

Mini Medal 5: Hay Village, in a pot in one of the houses.

Mini Medal 6: Hay village, in a pot upstairs in the biggest house.

Mini Medal 7: In the cave West of Hay Village, a shiny near a skeleton.

Mini Medal 8: Zoomingale Inn in a pot.

Mini Medal 9: Zoomingale in town in a pot.

Mini Medal 10: House South of Zoomingale in the well.

Mini Medal 11: Cave leading to Mostroferrato, in a chest.

Mini Medal 12: Mostroferrato, in a house on the East side.

Mini Medal 13: In Stockenbarrel by the gravestone.

Mini Medal 14: Stockenbarrel in the item shop, break a pot.

Mini Medal 15: In Pontoon casino ship.

Mini Medal 16: In Pontoon casino ship.

Mini Medal 17: Knick-Knackatory basement in a barrel.

Mini Medal 18: Helmunaptra in the castle basement/garden in the well.

Mini Medal 19: In a shack East of Helmunaptra, break a pot.

Mini Medal 20: Cave North of Knot Welcome Inne beat a Unexpected, get a drop.

Mini Medal 21: Cave North of Knot welcome Inne, in pot.

Mini Medal 22: Cave North of Knot Welcome Inne, on West side treasure.

Mini Medal 23: Battenburg (have to go through path to Gotha to reach).

Mini Medal 24: Cave to Gotha.

Mini Medal 25: Cave to Gotha.

Mini Medal 26: Cave to Gotha.

Mini Medal 27: Cave to Gotha.

Mini Medal 28: Gotha Kingdom.

Mini Medal 29: Gotha Kingdom.

Mini Medal 30: Riteof Passage.

Mini Medal 31: Tower North of Northminister.

Mini Medal 32: Tower North of Northminister.

Mini Medal: Tower North of Northminister.

Mini Medal 34: Fortuna prison, needs ultimate key.

Mini Medal 35: Fortuna casino, reward for beating TnT board.

Mini Medal 36: In a closet from a house on the Northen tip of the North East continent.

Mini Medal 37: In the cave North of Lofty Peak



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