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This page provides a comprehensive list of Armors in the game Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. On this page you'll find all the armors in the said game together with their effects. If you're interested in exploring Items, Skills or Weapons, you can easily access their dedicated pages through the provided links below for more information and details.


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Leather Hat: +2 Defense.

Hairband: +7 Defense.

Fur Hood: +11 Defense.

Silver Tiara: +14 Defense.

Iron Helmet: +16 Defense.

Iron Mask: +25 Defense.

Hermes Hat: +28 Defense. Acts like chimera wing.

Wedding Veil: +30 Defense.

Thinking Cap: +40 Defense. Increases wisdom.

Great Helm: +45 Defense.

Zenithian Helm: +50 Defense.

Sun Crown: +60 Defense. Can reflect spells.

Metal King Helm : +70 Defense.


Body Gear

Plain Clothes: +4 Defense.

Serf Wear: +5 Defense.

Handwoven Cape: +6 Defense.

Wayfarer's Clothes: +7 Defense.

Silk Apron: +10 Defense.

Leather Armor: +11 Defense.

Leather Kilt: +12 Defense.

Silk Robe: +13 Defense.

Boxer Shorts: +15 Defense.

Scale Armor: +15 Defense.

Leather Dress: +17 Defense.

Fur Cape: +18 Defense.

Chain Mail: +19 Defense.

Dancers Costume: +20 Defense.

Bronze Armor: +21 Defense.

Iron Cuirass: +23 Defense.

Robust Lingerie: +23 Defense.

Iron Armor: +25 Defense.

Cloak of Evasion: +28 Defense. Improves evasion.

Full Plate Armor: +30 Defense.

Silk Dress: +30 Defense.

Robe of Serenity: +33 Defense. Less damage when asleep.

Lacy Bustier: +35 Defense.

Glombolero: +37 Defense. May absorb MP.

Silver Mail: +40 Defense.

Powjamas: +40 Defense.

Shimmiring Dress: +45 Defense. May reflect magic.

Flowing Dress: +50 Defense. Deflects fire/ice.

Dragon Armor: +50 Reduce fire damage.

Sages Robe: +50 Defense. Reduce magic damage.

Spiked Armor: +55 Defense. Hurts attacking foes.

Dark Robe: +55 Defense. Reduce magic damage.

Magic Armor: +60 Defense. Reduce magic damage.

Flame Armor: +70 Defense. Decrease ice/magic atks.

Angel Leotard: +70 Defense. Decrease ice/magic atks.

Sacred Armor: +75 Defense. HP restore over time.

Mirror Armor: +80 Defense. May reflect magic.

Zenithian Armor: +80 Defense. Decrease ice/magic atks.

Pallium Regale: +90 Defense. Decrease ice/magic atks.

Metal King Armor: +95 Defense.

Zombie Mail: N/A



Ruinous Shield: Cursed.

Pot Lid: +2 Defense.

Leather Shield: +4 Defense.

Scale Shield: +7 Defense.

Iron Shield: +16 Defense. Reduce Fire damage.

Magic Shield: +22 Defense. Reflect mag/fire damg.

Dragon Shield: +30 Defense. Reduce fire/ice damage.

Tempest Shield: +35 Defense.

Dark Shield: +37 Defense. Cures paralysis.

Flame Shield: +40 Defense. Impede mag/ice damage.

Power Shield: +45 Defense.

Ogre Shield: +48 Defense. Reduce ice/fire damage.

Silver Shield: +55 Defense. Deflect magic/fire.

Zenithian Shield: +60 Defense.

Shimmering Shield: +65 Defense. Reduce ice/fire damage.

Metal King Shield: +70 Defense. High spell evasion.



Meteorite Bracer: Double Agility.

Elfin Charm: Makes spells miss often.

Bianca's Ribbon: Agility +10.

Kamikazee Bracer: Revives you when you die.



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