Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough - Chapter 6

Aubout du monde cave map location

The first thing you will notice different about the Aubout Du Monde cave is that the enemies here are all different than they were the last time we were here. Our destination is the same room we met Oojam in; when you reach the room with the two elevators take the northwestern one.

In the same exact Treasure Chest that we found the Night Light in earlier you'll find a switch that opens up a staircase right next to your character. This will lead you down to the room with the Magic Key. That's all we came here for - now we can bail and head back to Palais de Leon.

Switch on Bottom of Chest

Warning: Before going forward in the game any more it's strongly recommended you be at least level 17. Inside Palais de Leon is arguably the hardest boss fight up until now and if you have weak characters the boss can take them out in a single round.

When you're ready enter the palace and return to the secret room we discovered earlier in the game, standing out front of it will be Ragnar McRyan! Once you speak with him you're going to go into that room and fight Marquis de Leon, the same blue lion guy we wiped to on Maya and Meena when we were here.

Marquis de Leon gets two attacks each turn and usually both hit for 30 - 50 damage a pop. His most devastating attack is his ice breath ability which hits your entire party for 35 - 50 damage. Use Kabuff on your party if you have it and Sap on the enemy. The only other bit of advice I can think to give you is be prepared to heal twice during one round a few times.

Marquis de Leon rematch

After the fight with Marquis de Leon Ragnar joins your party - we got everyone now! Next thing to do is sail the ship north of Havre Leon to the newly named town of Zalenagrad. It's the same small town and castle area where we began the game at with Alena, they just decided to change their name to confuse everyone.

In the Church there's a red door you can now open which will lead to a weapon/armor shop as well as a few more buildings. The Weapon and Armor shop has a few goodies including a nice staff which I bought for a few characters. Speak to the townsfolk in this part to learn about Canalot, a town to the north.

When you're done, you'll want to tackle the dungeon just to the right of the town - the castle! Basically the story is, the castle got over taken by monsters and the townsfolk decided F the King and renamed their town. There is no treasure to find inside of the castle dungeon, your only goal in here is to head upstairs and interact with the King to trigger another boss battle.

Zamoksva Area

You have a few options at this point in the game, you can travel around a bit to some Red & Blue doors as well as do some of the Hoffman's Town Sidequest or you can continue on our adventure which will take us up north to Canalot. I'd recommend you do the side quests at this point in time since we need to grind more anyway.

Hoffman's Town Sidequest

Locked Blue Doors (Thief's Key)

Locked Red Doors (Magic Key)

Canalot is found on the island just north of Zamoksva, you'll want to dock your boat on the southern side of the island near the pointy rocks, as shown in my screen shot below. This will place you on the right piece of land to walk right into town.

I'd recommend hitting up the Weapon and Armor shop here, they sell some goodies that haven't been stocked in any previous stores. Also speak with the King and other people in the castle to learn about the Zenithian Armor which grants you access to Zenithia.

Canalot Place to Dock Boat

The King won't talk to you when you first come here, he's only interested in listening to a man capable of making him laugh. Tom Foolery is the name of the man who can make the King laugh and he's found in the town of Laissez Fayre - the spot where Meena and Maya began the game.

You can find Tom Foolery in the northern portion of the town, in the theatre building. Speak to him to get him to join your party then Zoom back to Canalot. Before you go into Canalot put Tom Foolery at the front of your party (Options > Misc > Line-up), then go to see the King. In a series of events that would never happen in the real world, the King hands over the Zenithian Helm.

Our next stop is Strathbaile and Burland, all you technically have to do in Strathbaile is spend a night at the Inn to watch a scene and I don't even think it's required for story progression. After Strathbaile head on down to Burland and speak with the King. He gave away the shield to a tribe of women to the east, so guess where we're going?

Note: While in Burland make sure you get the treasures behind the Locked Blue Door on the first floor of the castle.

Femiscyra Map LocationMagma Staff Used

Sail directly east of Burland and dock anywhere on the landmass inside the canal. From here head directly south until you come across the mountain that's oddly colored. Go into your inventory and 'use' the Magma Staff while standing near where I am in the screen shot above.

Inside the town of Femiscyra you will want to gather up all of the treasures you can, in one room a man in purple will tell you to check a drawer then leave the room. Guards will come and arrest you for allegedly stealing a bronze rosary and thus begins our next quest.

Pick a party member to leave behind that you don't care about and set out to the south of Femiscyra where you'll find a cave. There's quite a bit of treasure for you to find in this cave and thankfully the layout isn't so terrible that you should get lost or extremely confused.

At the very bottom of this cave you'll find the poet that tricked you in Femiscyra. Speak with him to trigger the boss fight. The fight won't be that difficult but it is recommended you have someone in your party capable of using Sap since the boss casts Kabuff on himself. My Hero was level 20 when I challenged this boss and it was easy peasy - then again I have pretty much the best gear you can get at this current time.

kirk Buzzer boss fight

Once you've beaten the big baddie it's time to return to the town of Femiscyra and speak with the Queen to receive your reward, the Ultimate Key! Now you can open basically any door in the game including the doors in prisons. Hint hint. Go to the basement and spring your party member from the prison down here and also grab the Zenithian Shield which is in the basement area on the opposite side of the prison.

You have three options for proceeding, you can use the Ultimate Key and travel around to a bunch of places opening up doors and collecting loot... Or you can continue collecting the Zenithian Armor pieces. Finally, you can do the Liquid Metal Sword Sidequest which will get you a fantastic weapon that you will be using in some form or another for the rest of the game.




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