Hank Hoffman Jr's Town Sidequest

Hank Hoffman Jrs Town Map Location

Hoffman's Town is one of the main side quests in this game. You can start it basically any time after Hank Hoffman Jr leaves your party. You'll find Hoffman's Town in the same location that The Desert Bazaar was at in the Alena chapter.

When you enter the town you'll find Hank Hoffman Jr standing just above the oasis, speak to him to learn about his plan to create a town in this location. Our next stop is the town of Laissez Fayre, also known as the place that Meena and Maya began the game at. Inside the Church of this town you'll find a woman who you'll want to talk to, she's the first resident of Hoffman's new town.

Hank Hoffman Jr near OasisPriest in Laissez Fayre

After you've spoken to the priest in Laissez Fayre return to the settlement and collect the loot that's here (2 Mini Medals and Bunny Tail) as well as talk to all the townsfolk... Including the frog. Hoffman tells you that he is setting up his own house just south of this town and to check in with him when you're done here.

Hoffman's Town (Version 1) Loot:

2 Mini Medal
Bunny Tail

If you've talked to all of the townsfolk then Hoffman will ask you to name the village. He gives you three options and if you turn them all down he allows you to pick your own name for the town. If you haven't spoken to all of the residents in the town Hoffman will tell you that he needs more time getting everything ready.

Once you give the town a name and have collected all of the goodies there our next upgrade starts by speaking to the man named Rocky running the farm in your town. You will not get the proper dialogue from Rocky though until you've first collected the Ultimate Key that is found in Femiscyra.

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Ultimate Key - Town Upgrade #2

Rocky in Hank Hoffman Jrs Town

With the Ultimate Key in hand you'll want to head over to Rocky and speak with him in Hoffman/s town - you're looking for the dialogue that's shown in the screen shot above, once you've seen that you can head on over to Burland which is where you'll find the next two people to join the town.

The first man you're going to want to speak with is in the Church. After you give him the offer to join your town he'll tell you about his friend who is staying at the Inn of Burland nearby. Prelvis Esley (Elvis Presley) is the name and he's the guy in blue standing right near the counter.

Man in Burland ChurchPrelvis Esley in Hank Hoffman Jrs Town
Two new citizens of Holtburg!

Return to Hoffman's Town and it'll be a bit bigger than the last time the Item Shop will also have a new item in stock, Musk. Along with the previous changes there is also five new items for you to find in the town, two of which are Mini Medals. These items are going to be found in the newly created buildings so isolate your searching to them.

While searching the town too you should also talk to every NPC that you haven't already spoken to. I do not know if dialogue is always required with the townsfolk to upgrade the town but it has been thus far and it doesn't hurt chatting them up once.

Hoffman's Town (Version 2) Loot:

2 Mini Medal
Antidotal Herb
Seed of Resilience

Once you've picked up all the new goodies - the next thing to do will be upgrade the town yet again! In order to proceed with the next upgrade you'll need to complete the game up to the Estark and also have completed the Liquid Metal Sword Sidequest.

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Estark Defeated - Town Upgrade #3

Pirates Cave Hank Hoffman Jr Town ResidentPirates Cave Hank Hoffman Jr Town Resident

With Estark defeated and the Liquid Metal Sword Sidequest completed return to Hoffman's Town and speak to Prelvis Esley standing outside the Inn. He'll tell you about a man and a women in search of pirate treasure whom you can invite to the town.

Both of these NPCs are found in the same cave we got the Liquid Metal Sword from, it's on the eastern end of the world map - if you need help finding it use the Liquid Metal Sword page for guidance. The woman that you need to talk to is on the first floor of the dungeon and the man is two floors below her. Invite both of them to Hank Hoffman Jr's town and then Evac out and Zoom back to the town.

It's been upgraded yet again! Now there is a path leading to many buildings as well as some new shops setup. Run around the town and collect all of the new goodies - also speak to everyone that you can find, as always.

Note: Be sure to break pots you've already broken and check drawers you've already checked. New items will appear in these when the town gets upgraded.

Hoffman's Town (Version 3) Loot:

3 Mini Medal
Magic Water
Seed of Magic
Chimaera Wing
Seed of Strength
73 Gold

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Zenithia Reached - Town Upgrade #4

Mary Curey Strathbaile Prison

Once you've reached the town of Zenithia you should be able to upgrade Hoffman's Town yet again. In order to initiate this upgrade speak with the out of commission armor shop owner in your town, he'll tell you about a monster in Strathbaile's prison.

Zoom over to Strathbaile and go down into the prison cell to find a healslime behind bars. As you could probably already imagine, you're able to invite him to Hank Hoffman Jr's town, do this and then return to the town to find it upgraded yet again.

Hoffman's Town (Version 4) Loot:

3 Mini Medal
Seed of Wisdom
Seed of Magic
Packed Lunch
Fur Coat
Horse Manure
Fire Claw
370 Gold

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Psaro/The Game Beaten - Upgrade #5

Havre Leon KingGuard for Frontier Town

The final upgrade for Hank Hoffman Jr's town can be obtained after beating Psaro, the end boss. After beating the game you'll be able to save and continue on your adventure - as is pretty typical in most Dragon Quest games; there's actually still two dungeons left for us to complete!

To start this upgrade you will need to speak to Princess Pam staying at the Inn and Rocky, the man who owns the small farm in the northern part of town. Princess Pam tells you about a man in Laissez Fayre's Inn that you can invite to stay in our little town and Rocky tells you about a man in the Havre Leon Bar who wants to be a king.

Once you've spoken to both of these people Zoom back to Hank Hoffman Jr's town to discover that now - it's a castle!

Hank Hoffman Jrs Town is Now Castle

In the town you'll find an armor and weapon shop which are stocked with great equipment, most of which you can't buy anywhere else. Even better than this, there is a casino in your castle now too in the basement which gives you access to a whole new set of rewards that other casinos don't. Some of the best in slot items are sold here, such as Liquid Metal Helm. You can also purchase a Gospel Ring, an item which prevents all random encounters while being worn.

But wait, there's more! As always, explore the entire town for Mini Medals and other goodies that are hiding in the drawers and pots/barrels. While clearing some of the areas of the castle you'll come across two locations that sparkle and release a beam of light when exposed - dialogue will pop up too letting you know that you've freed a part of the Sultan's body (shown in screen shots below).

Hoffman's Town (Version 5) Loot:

5 Mini Medals
Seed of Agility
Mirror Shield
Ruby of Protection
Miracle Sword
Meteorite Bracer


Sultan Farog Body LocationSultan Farog Heart Location
Sultan Farog Mini medal

Uncovering both pieces of the Sultan's body will net you an additional Mini Medal that is picked up when you speak to him. Once you've completed this mini side quest that's basically all that's left for you do in Hank Hoffman Jr's town.