Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Chosen

We're finally in control of the Hero again. Take the packed lunch from your mother to your father (north) then return to your mother and watch a scene. After the scene search the center of the village, in the middle of the flower circle for a Feathered Cap. Leave the village and travel south to the single hut in the woods.

By the grave you'll find a Seed of Life, inside a Leather Suit of armor. The man here will also let you stay at his house for free as many times as you'd like. You'll want to take full advantage of this and spend some time grinding a few levels in the immediate area.

South of the solo house in the woods you'll find a small castle town, there's some shops here that will sell upgrades as well as some items to find. The only person you have to speak to here is the King, when you're ready to do a bit on travel without needing an Inn - you'll want to go southwest to Endor.

Meena in EndorMaya in Casino

Going southwest you'll run into a large cave entrance rather soon. This is actually the tunnel that we paid 60,000G to construct earlier in the game with Torneko. It'll connect you right to Endor which is where you will find Meena and Maya, the two sisters from the previous chapter.

Once you have both of these girls in your party you should do some more grinding, buy some gear for the Hero and when you're level 7 or 8 return to the place we started as the Hero (the town of Casabranca) and travel to the east. Directly east of Casabranca is Casabranca Cave which is basically our next stop.

If you want to learn why we're going to Casabranca Cave though, first stop by the Desert Inn southeast of Casabranca. There's a kid here named Hank Hoffman Jr who refuses to trust you and lend you a carriage, that's the reason for our trip to the cave.

Casabranca Cave Map Location

This cave is actually rather simple to navigate and complete, there's no random encounters and the puzzles are extremely easy. The only difficult part of this dungeon is you will be split from Maya and Meena and will have two do two fights without them. One against two monsters and another against 4. This is why I recommend you be at least level 7 or 8 before attempting this.

When you finally run into the real Meena and Maya they will ask you if it was Meena who was pissing away all of their money at the Endor Casino, answer 'No' and they will rejoin you. All that's left for you to collect in this dungeon is the Symbol of Faith. Once you have that return to Hank Hoffman Junior in the Desert Inn and give him the Symbol to have him join your party.

Maya and Meena in DungeonPorthtrunnel and Pharos Tower Map Location

You can now travel across the desert, so from the Desert Inn go south through the desert until you reach the town of Bath. Collect all of the loot in this town and buy any weapons or armor you want then continue south to the next town, Porthtrunnel.

In this town speak with the man standing on the docks to learn that all the boats sink when they leave the dock and it's because of the monsters in Pharos Tower to the east. Torneko is in Pharos Tower as well, however he will not join your party at this time. He actually requests that you retrieve the Sacred Sparks/Holy Embers on your way up the tower and use them to extinguish the flames at the top.

At the top of the tower (shown in screen shot below) you'll find three enemies dancing around the flames, as you could probably already imagine getting close to them will trigger this dungeon's boss fight. I recommend going after the Flamethrower enemies first and taking them out as quick as possible.

Flame at top of tower

When you've defeated the enemies at the top of the tower use the Holy Embers you got earlier on the black flame. This will complete our story requirements for this tower; to leave all you need to do is run off the side, you'll find yourself out front of the tower.

Return to Porthtrunnel and speak with Torneko who is standing at the entrance to the shipyard, this time he joins your party - and gives you a boat! Our next stop is a town by the name of Mintos almost directly south of Porthtrunnel, use the screen shot in my map below if you're having a hard time finding this location.

Note: Don't try to explore the whole world right now, we're still very low level and the chance of death would be extremely high if you go to the wrong place.

Mintos Map Location

In the town of Mintos there's going to be two things that you need to do. Speak with the old man giving a speech on the raised platform in town and say 'No' to him the first time he asks and 'Yes' the second time for a Treasure Map. Go into your inventory and 'use' this item to make a big red X appear on your world map.

Next stop is the Inn, you'll find Borya and Kiryl on the second floor - Alena is currently on her own adventure searching for a cure for Kiryl. After Borya joins your team you'll want to travel southeast to Parthenia, it's a castle town along the eastern coastline of this island.

Collect all of the treasures you can find in Parthenia and speak with the King wandering around the eastern end of town in the crop fields. He'll tell you to go to the Imperial Cave (he calls it Imperial Pantry) in the southwest, shown on my map below.

Imperial Cave and Parthenia Map Locations

This dungeon has the "escalator floors" that at least one dungeon in every old RPG has. As always, the arrows point out to you the direction the floor will take you when you step on it. In the first big room you come across that also has Alena in it you'll find the stairs down to the next floor in the eastern portion of the room.

On the next floor the puzzle can look a bit daunting the first time you see it - luckily though we have pictures! To reach the two treasure chests in this room step on the two tiles I have marked in my pictures below, easy peasy! You'll find the Feverfew Seed in the chest that's in the center of the room, once you have this you can Evac out of this dungeon and Zoom back to Parthenia. Plant the seed here and collect the Root for Kiryl.

Second Tile Puzzle Part 1Second Tile Puzzle Part 2

Back in Mintos heal Kiryl with the Feverfew Root to get him and Alena to join your party. On your way out of the Inn you'll be told of Ragnar's whereabouts to the west, he's on the same island that Meena and Maya began their quest on.

First stop on this island, Palais de Leon. Outside the castle talk to the man wearing blue to learn about a friendly slime that knows too much for his own good in Aubout Du Monde. Head over there and speak with the slime in the basement shown in my screenshot on the right. He'll inform you of a cave to the west that we already know about.

Palais de LeonIm not a bad slime slurp




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