Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - Chapter 8 (Eblan Cave - Babel Tower)

The Enterprise and Hovercraft

If you've forgotten where you left your Hovercraft it's near Mt Hobs which is found northeast of Baron. To pick it up using the Enterprise all you have to do is fly over it and press the A button, the hook that you just got attached will descend and pick it up.

For those of you reading this who have yet to get the hook attached to the Enterprise, return to Chapter 7 of this walkthrough and read the bottom for how to do that. Basically it's just speaking to one of two NPCs in Castle Baron.

Our destination with the Hovercraft is Eblan Castle, a location we've already been. The easiest way to get here is to go directly north of Mt Hobs until you reach Mysidia at which point you will want to go directly west. Keep an eye out for the really big tower as that's the best land mark for this island.

Eblan Area With Hovercraft

Place the Hovercraft on the ground and land the Enterprise near Eblan castle before boarding the Hovercraft (pictured above). The cave we need to enter is across the rocks to the west and there is a teeny tiny piece of land for us to park the Hovercraft on.

Use a Tent or Cottage and save your game before continuing. Also if you never did Eblan Castle earlier during Chapter 4 of my walkthrough, you may want to do it now. It's an optional dungeon and most of the loot you get is on par with the equipment you have now (or worse) since you waited too long...

However one treasure from there is a Silver Apple, which is an item that permanently increases HP by 50. I'd recommend feeding this to Rydia as she's a permanent member of your party with relatively low HP. You should have a Silver Apple in your inventory right now as well, assuming you didn't use it when we obtained it earlier.

Eblan Cave LocationEblan Cave Entrance



Eblan Cave B1 Treasure Chests:

Vampire Fang


Eblan Cave B2 Treasure Chests:

In this part of Eblan Cave you'll find a small settlement of ninjas that were supposed to be extinct. There is an Inn here along with all three types of shops. You probably have a lot of Gil to spend and there are some armor upgrades sold at this shop you can purchase. At the weapon shop you should buy 99 Poison Arrows for Rosa too.

Potion (Found in Pot inside western most room)
Potion (Found in Pot inside western most room)


Path to Tower of Babel Treasure Chests:

Path to Tower of Babel Treasures in WallHidden Path to Blood Sword

There are quite a few treasures in this area but the majority of them are easy to find. Only the two Elixirs which are hidden inside a wall (pictured above) are difficult to reach. In the same area that you meet Edge you'll find a room with a Save Point.

Inside this room there is a passageway in the northeastern portion that leads to a chest with Monsters (pictured above, on the right). Defeating the Monsters will net you a Blood Sword which is a sword for Cecil.

Shuriken (Hidden passageway by torch in second room)
Bomb Core
Spider's Silk
Silver Hourglass
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down
Gold Needle
Elixir (Inside the wall cavity; pictured above)
Elixir (Inside the wall cavity)
Blood Sword (Hidden passage near Save Point)
Dry Ether (Grab it after Edge joins your party; run through the wall)

At the end of this area, just before the Tower of Babel you'll meet Edge who joins your team (pictured below).

Edge First Encounter FF4Babel Tower B1


Babel Tower B1 Treasure Chests:

Unicorn Horn
Silver Hourglass


Babel Tower B2 Treasure Chests:



Babel Tower B3 Treasure Chests:

Kiss of Lilith
**Save Point**


Babel Tower B4 Treasure Chests:



Babel Tower B5 Treasure Chests:

To reach the chest on this floor go east to the area with the three bridges before going up the north-central bridge. When you go up the central bridge you'll enter into a boss fight.

82,000 Gil


Rubicante Boss Fight

The first boss fight is against King of Eblan and Queen of Eblan and your goal is survive long enough for the fight to end on its own. After that fight the real fight against Rubicante will begin. The first thing you should know is that almost any time you attack Rubicante he will respond by using Fira on your group. Only some attacks won't trigger a Fira, Kain's Jump is one of them as is Edge's Throw.

Your main source of damage against Rubicante will be Rydia using Blizzaga or Blizzara, whichever of the two you have available. However, Blizzard magic will only damage Rubicante when he has his cloak open (as pictured above). When he conceals himself in his cloak Blizzard magic will heal him for about 1/10th of the damage it would deal.

Rubicante has one other ability you'll have to watch out for called Glare. This can hit for upwards of 2500 damage, probably one shotting whomever it hits in this case. Depending on how leveled up your group is determines exactly how deadly this ability will be.

Once you defeat Rubicante you'll want to head north through the door and into the Crystal Room. A brief scene will occur and you'll fall (up?) to the eigth floor of the dungeon. Just north of where you land is a treasure chest.


Babel Tower 8th Floor Treasure Chests:



Babel Tower 6th Floor Treasure Chests:



Falcon Airship Outside Tower of Babel

On the Babel Tower 6th floor you'll go through a door which triggers a scene, after which you will find yourself in the Falcon, your next airship. Fly south and then east to return to the Dwarf Castle. Here we have to do two things..

1. Speak with Cid in the Infirmary to get the Mythril put onto the Falcon
2. Speak with King Giott for the Luca's Necklace

Note: The Infirmary is on B1 of the Dwarf Castle, the doorway west of the Giant Chocobo summoning location.

When you've completed both of these things you have more options... The next chapter (Chapter 9) is another optional chapter. If you don't feel like doing the optional content then just skip ahead to Chapter 10 where we continue the game's main story.




Continue to Chapter 9 (Tomra, Sylvan Cave, The Cave of Summons, Land of Summons)

Continue to Chapter 10 (Sealed Cavern & Leaving the Underworld)

Return to Chapter 7 (Dwarf Castle, Babel Tower, Baron/Upgraded Enterprise)