Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - Chapter 7 (Dwarf Castle - Tower of Babel)

Dev Team Office in Dwarf Castle

The Dwarf Castle is huge and there is a lot for us to do here. First up, on the second floor you'll find the weapon and armor shop with many upgrades that you can purchase for your characters. Inside the Lali Ho Pub of the Dwarf Castle there is also an Easter Egg called the Dev Team Office.

You'll be able to get into random battles against members of the original Final Fantasy IV Dev Team inside this room as well as talk to many of them that are standing around in this area. In addition to talking to the entire dev team, sometimes you'll win a Magazine after battle that you can use from your inventory... There's also a Magazine you can grab from the shelf in the breakroom.

Neither do anything too unique, but what do you expect for a 16bit game?

Nobou Uematsu FF4 Dev Team


Dwarf Castle East Tower Treasure Chests:

Dwarf Castle East Tower Third Floor
Third Floor Hidden Passageways

Dwarf Axe (First Floor)
Bacchus's Cider (Second Floor; Pot on left side of room)
Power Armlet (Third Floor)
Silver Hourglass (Third Floor)
Ether (Third Floor)
Elixir (Third Floor)


Dwarf Castle West Tower Treasure Chests:

West Tower Third Floor Hidden Passageways
Third Floor Hidden Passageways.

Bacchus's Cider (In pot on Second Floor; Hidden Passageway on the right)
Hi-Potion (Third Floor; western chest)
Black Belt (Third Floor; southern chest)
Ether (Third Floor; eastern chest)
Elixir (Third Floor; northern chest)


Dwarf Castle Basement Treasure Chests:

Dwarf Castle Guard of B2

To reach Dwarf Castle B2 you'll want to speak with the guard to the left of where you summon the fat Chocobo. This opens the door for you that leads down into B2

Gysahl Greens (B1; Inside Pot)
Gysahl Greens (B1; Inside Pot)
Gysahl Greens (B1; Inside Pot)
Cottage (B2)
Cottage (B2)
Cottage (B2)


When you're done collecting all of the treasures in the Dwarf Castle you'll want to head down to Dwarf Castle B2 which will lead you to Dwarf Castle - Base. This area is connected to the overworld portion of the Underworld, which is where we're going next.

In the eastern portion of the Dwarf Castle - Base you'll find a pot that when you inspect it, restores your HP and MP. Depending on the levels of your party you may want to grind in this area before proceeding with the story. My team is on average level 30 with Cecil being the lowest level at 29 and I am having no issues with any of the enemies.

Pot to Restore HP and MPDwarf Castle and Cave Entrance

To proceed with the game's story you'll want to travel on foot northwest of the Dwarf Castle until you find a large tower surrounded by tanks (pictured below). There will be a scene as you approach the tower of tanks being hit with explosive shells - you can't interact with the tanks and they seem to serve no purpose otherwise looking cool.

Obviously once you're ready to proceed, enter Babel Tower. I'd recommend that you do this dungeon in two halves, first go inside and collect treasures up until the Sixth or Fifth floor then use an Emergency Exit to return outside. Tent or Cottage then save your game before clearing the rest of the dungeon.

Babel Tower EntranceBabel Tower First Floor


Babel Tower - First Floor Treasure Chests:

Ice Arrow
Ice Arrow


Babel Tower - Second Floor Treasure Chests:

Green Beret
Ice Brand (Chest with Monsters)
Ice Lance (Chest with Monsters)


Babel Tower - Third Floor Treasure Chests:

Cat Claw
Phoenix Down

Babel Tower - Fourth Floor Treasure Chests:

The third, fourth and fifth floors are heavly connected in Babel Tower, you'll have to take different doors on each of the floors to collect all of the available treasure chests. On the fourth floor of Babel Tower you'll also find a Save Point which you'll definitely want to use for a Tent/Cottage.

**Save Point**
Killer Bow (Southeastern door on Third floor)
Antarctic Wind (Southeastern door on Third floor)
Ice Armor (Chest with Monsters)
Ice Shield (Chest with Monsters)


Babel Tower - Fifth Floor Treasure Chests:

Arctic Wind


Babel Tower - Seventh Floor Treasure Chests:

Dry Ether


Doctor and barnabas Fight
First of three boss fights in the Tower of Babel.

On the eigth floor of the tower you'll have three different boss fights, all back to back and all of them pretty easy and straight forward. The first of the three you'll be against the Doctor and Barnabas (pictured below). Destroy Barnabas first then focus on the Doctor. Once both are defeated there will be another scene after which you'll be fighting Barnabas-Z.

For the fight with Barnabas-Z you'll want to focus on destroying him as quickly as humanly possible. Doctor, Barnabas and Barnabas-Z all have less than 5,000 HP so defeating them quickly should be a piece of cake. If you don't defeat Barnabas quickly he'll use a Self-Destruct ability almost guaranteeing that someone in your group gets KO'd.

Your final fight at the top of the Tower of Babel is against Dr. Lugae (by his lonesome). Unlike the previous bosses this guy can be quite annoying. He has some very hard hitting attacks as well as an annoying Poison Gas and Sleeping Gas which will afflict your team with status ailments.

My advice is to use Rosa's Curaga on your entire party every turn and all out attack on everyone else. Bio on Rydia works great for all of these fights as it hits each enemy for over 1,000 (so 1/4th of their health usually). When the fight is complete your reward will be Dr. Lugae's Key which we can use to open the locked door on the sixth floor that we passed earlier.

Babel Tower Sixth Floor locked doorDr Lugaes Key on Locked Door

**Important** Unequip any gear from Yang prior to entering the door pictured above

As you could probably already guess our next stop is the locked door in the central portion of the sixth floor (pictured above). Before entering this door make sure that you unequip any gear from Yang that you wish to keep. He'll leave your party coming up and all gear equipped to him will be deleted.

Inside of the room there will be some scenes after which you'll face three Goblin Captains which are a piece of cake. More scenes will come after defeating the goblins and then you'll have to escape Babel Tower by backtracking all the way back to the first floor. While leaving the tower there will be another scene during which you'll get the Enterprise back and be reunited with Cid.

When the scenes are finished you will find yourself back on the original Overworld around the town of Agart. From here you'll want to fly directly north to Castle Baron (use the rings next to the door to open the doors) and go to the east side of the castle. Here you'll find two NPCs dressed in blue and brown (pictured below) which you'll want to talk to.

Cids Henchman in Castle Baron

These guys will install the Airship Hook to the Enterprise which will allow you to pick up the Hovercraft and move it around the world map... Which is how we're going to get to the next dungeon.



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