Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - Chapter 10 (Sealed Cavern & Leaving the Underworld)

Sealed Cavern LocationSealed Cavern Entrance

The entrance to the Sealed Cavern can be found just a little northwest from Tomra. It's the cave circled by mountains, shown in the screen shot above. If you've forgotten where Tomra is, it's at the southern most end of the Underworld, in the dead center of the map.

In order to gain entry to the Sealed Cavern you'll need Luca's Necklace from the King Giott in the dwarf castle. If you've been following my guide then you already have this item, just head straight to the Sealed Cavern. Otherwise go speak to King Giott first.

Lucas Necklace

Throughout the Sealed Cavern you're going to find many Trap Door enemies in place of actual doors. Some of them you have to defeat in order to progress through the dungeon, others lead to dead ends.

Sealed Cavern B1 Treasure Chests:



Sealed Cavern B2 Treasure Chests:

Phoenix Down
Light Sword
Fuma Shuriken
Light Curtain
Black Cowl
Phoenix Down


Sealed Cavern B3 Treasure Chests:

Bell of Silence
Dry Ether


Sealed Cavern B4 Treasure Chests:

Save Point


Sealed Cavern B5 Treasure Chests:

Nothing first time - Boss fight on way back


Demon Wall Boss Fight

The bridge on B5 that you cross to reach the Crystal Room is the location of the next boss fight. After obtaining the crystal and crossing the bridge again on your way out of the dungeon you'll be stopped by the boss Demon Wall. This boss is a race against time, much like the Demon Wall boss in Temple of the Ancients of FF7, or the Odin fight in almost any Final Fantasy game.

Demon Wall doesn't hit you very hard at all, for about 130 - 240 damage, depending on who he hits. I'd recommend you don't even bother buffing or healing with Rosa and just going all out on the boss. Use Rydia's strongest Blizzard or Thunder spells, they should be Blizzaga and Thundaga at this point. The boss only has 20,000 HP so it shouldn't be too difficult.

**Warning** At the entrance to this dungeon Kain will leave your party! If he has anything equipped that you wish to save unequip him before exiting this dungeon and going outside or it will be lost forever.

Once outside our next stop is the dwarf castle, we need to speak with King Giott to advance the story forward again. After a scene inside of the Throne Room you'll find the Falcon equipped with a drill, head to the northeast corner of the underworld and drill your way to the surface! The exact location that you have to go to is shown in my screen shot below.

Area to drill in underworld

Now that we have access to both the Underworld and Overworld we're able to do some sidequesting. I highly recommend you do all of these - especially the quest that gets Yang to join our party again as he is one of the more powerful physical damage dealers in the game. The other side quests are less important but still very worthwhile to complete.

How to get Yang back and obtain the Sylph Summon

How to Obtain the Odin Summon

(Almost) Obtaining the Excalibur Weapon for Cecil

For the Yang side quest, all you have to do is speak to Yang in the Sylvan Cave to start it then speak to his wife in Fabul. She'll give you a Frying Pan which you'll want to use on Yang in the Sylvan Cave. Once youve completed that, Yang will be available to join you again.... In the future. Seriously, later in the game you'll have the option to switch between party members and Yang will be an option at that time if you complete this quest.

Use Frying Pan on Yang

If you choose to the Excalibur side quest, don't forget that you left the Enterprise and the Hovercraft near Eblan Castle, nearby where we surfaced from the Underworld. It's also nearby the large tower that goes through the Underworld and into the Overworld.

When you're finally ready to proceed with the game's story you'll want to head to the town of Mysidia. For those of you who've forgotten where this is, it's the same town we met Palom and Porom in. For better directions, a map of the Overworld is found below - the same map from earlier in the guide.

FF4 World Map
Click to enlarge the map.

Upon entering the town of Mysidia you'll be greeted by one of the Elders who asks you to accompany him to the Tower of Worship. There will be a long scene during which the Lunar Whale is summoned, which is our next airship and how we make it to the moon.

After the scene is over you'll find yourself standing outside the town of Mysidia with the Lunar Whale right next to you. Approach it and board it as you would any aircraft. The inside of the Lunar Whale looks nothing like what you would expect it to. The crystal in the center is how you travel to and from the moon, at the northern most end of the Lunar Whale there will be a panel that you inspect to take flight and on the left side of the whale a panel which allows you to enter/leave the whale.

Last but not least, in the southern most room of the Lunar Whale you'll find the Fat Chocobo which allows you to store items in the bank. In the room just north of the Fat Chocobo you'll find a psuedo-inn which lets you rest to restore your HP/MP. When you're ready to proceed with the game, use the crystal in the middle of the whale to be taken to the moon.

Lunar Whale in FF4

The Moon itself is rather small with a very large Tower of Babel esque structure in the center of it. All across the moon you'll see entrances to caves, the majority of the caves around the large central tower lead you to the Lunar Path, which is the dungeon right before this tower.

**Warning** Once you enter the large tower in the central you can't exit it until you beat the dungeon. There is a lot more for us to do on the moon before we enter that tower - so I recommend you avoid that area at first.

To end this chapter of my walkthrough I will say that unless your characters are level 50 currently, you should grind on the moon as you explore it until they are. The upcoming dungeon is no joke and typically by the time you fight the end boss in this game your characters are in their 80s.



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