How to get to Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King

Gorukar Mesa to The SteppesThe Steppes to Icefall Glacier

There are multiple ways for you to reach Frostcrypt/Valdeholm. The first of which is to get a Wizard to port you to Icefall Glacier then head over to Valdeholm from there, or get a Druid to port you to The Steppes and run from there. If you can't find someone to port you, your best option is to take the Guild Hall portal to Goru'kar Mesa (screen shot on the left above) and travel north to The Steppes.

Once you're in The Steppes (screen shot on the right above) you'll want to travel all the way north to Icefall Glacier. Some of the gnolls see invis and some of them root, so be careful running through that camp.

Icefall Glacier to Valdeholm

In Icefall Glacier you'll want to head north through the eastern valley to find the zone line to Valdeholm. Those of you who got a Wizard to port you to this zone will find yourself at the Wizard Spires in the northwestern part of this zone... If you can get the Wizard to Succor you right when you arrive, that'll put you at the Icefall zoneline and make things a bit easier. Otherwise, from the Wizard Spire you'll need to run all the way down south, go around the mountain and run all the way back up north to Valdeholm. Pain in the butt!

Reaching Frostcrypt in Valdeholm is a piece of cake. From the Icefall Glacier zone line in Valdeholm you'll want to fall down into the large pit that's just to the north of it. Once you're in the pit travel to the west, you really can't miss it - there's a large building in the dead center of the pit on the western end. This is the entrance to Frostcrypt.

Frostcrypt Entrance



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