Everquest's Useful Ingame /Slash Commands

This page here is going to be one long giant list of different ingame /commands and all the different uses they can be. Instead of listing every single ingame command like many of the different internet resources do; I am only going to go over some of the best ones.

Just incase all of those other internet resources get taken down though... I've created a list of every ingame /command as well which you can find by following the link provided.


;tell - lets you bypass all language filters and send a cross server tell. (Cross Server tell format is <ServerName>.<CharacterName> so ;t Lockjaw.Bob if you wanted to contact Bob on Lockjaw)

;t is of extra importance on the Firiona Vie server since it lets you bypass the Elvish language barrier on the server.


/afk - Turns afk on/off you can also type a message after typing /afk if you'd like to have an AFK message.

/afk is an amazing feature for boxers looking to decrease their ingame lag. /hideafk players all will hide every single player on your screen that has an AFK tag active. They'll appear invisible to you with just a name. I very often /afk on while boxing my raid except for my main character - it drops my processor usage by about 20%.


/alt act #### - uses an alternate advancement ability.

One of the most useful /commands for everyone. This lets you use any AA you have with a simple /command.


/cast (1 - 13) - Will let you cast the spell you have memorized in that spell gem slot.

It's important that you remember these when making macros /cast as well as the previous /alt act are essential commands when building ingame macros to box.


/disc - Use this command to activate a discipline.

This command is just like /cast and /alt act. Instead of working for Alternate Abilities or spells though it works for melee disciplines.


/doability - Performs that numbered ability in the action window

Much like all the previous commands this one lets you fire off abilities on your Abilities Page of the Actions Window. This is another really important /command to remember when building macros for boxing.


/hidecorpse [all,npc,off,always,looted] - there are a few more but these are some of the more useful ones.

This is one of the best /commands in the entire game. I use /hidecorpse always on basically every character and my healers use /hidecorpse npc when they go to rez, it's essential for their rez macros (which I will cover later).

I highly recommend ALL boxers use /hidecorpse always (or) create a macro they spam every so often with /hidecorpse all in it. Loading corpses on 6 or more clients can really bog down your computer.


/hotbutton [Hotbutton Name/First Line of Hotbutton] - This /command lets you create a hotbutton.

This is a very useful command that can save you a lot of time if you use it properly. Basically what it does it it immediately creates a hotbutton for you with the parameters you specify. Let me give you a few examples.

/hotbutton Title /FirstLine

/hotbutton Follow /pause5

Using the two examples above, the first word you type out will be the TITLE of the macro, my example the macro would be called 'Follow'. The second line is what you want the macro to do... and this is the important part... You can only have one line after you type the title of the macro then it cuts off. What I mean is if you did say... this:

/hotbutton Follow /pause 5

Your macro would look like this ingame: "Follow /pause" without the 5. That's the reason why in the first example I did not use a space and it says /pause5. This is kind of the reason this /command isn't more popular - in fact the only time I really recommend using it is when you're creating hotbuttons for an entire box team (It works great when broadcasting with Isboxer to make a ton of macros quick).


/memspellset [Spell Set Name] - Use this to memorize a specific spell set.

I go into detail about /memspellset in my Advanced Macros Guide but basically what it does is lets you memorize any saved spell sets with just a line of text.


/shownames [on/off] - This toggles showing ingame names on/off.

/showpcnames [on/off] - Toggles names on/off for player characters only.

Boxers out there looking to decrease their lag (even minimally) may want to toy around with these two commands.



/stopcast - Immediately stops the spell you're casting.

/stopsong - Immediately stops the song you're playing.

Both of these commands may be popular for boxers that are looking to make macros. They're the only commands in the game that let you immediately stop a cast.


/useitem [## ##] - Uses an item that's equipped on you or out of your inventory.

This is a command with MANY different uses.You can use basically any item in any bag in your inventory as well as any item currently equipped with this command.


As aforementioned I have every single /command documented for anyone who would like to see a full list head over to my Every /Command in EQ Guide. If you'd like to continue learning more about how to box and all the useful Macros/Socials for boxers return to my Getting Started as a Boxer Guide.