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Everquest's Ingame /Slash Commands

This page here is going to be one long giant list of different ingame /commands and all the different uses they can be. Instead of listing every single ingame command like many of the different internet resources do; I am only going to go over some of the best ones.

Just incase all of those other internet resources get taken down though... I've created a list of every ingame /command as well which you can find by following the link provided.


;tell - lets you bypass all language filters and send a cross server tell. (Cross Server tell format is <ServerName>.<CharacterName> so ;t Lockjaw.Bob if you wanted to contact Bob on Lockjaw)

/a - Turns anonymous on/off

/afk - Turns afk on/off you can also type a message after typing /afk if you'd like to have an AFK message.

/alt act #### - uses an alternate advancement ability.

/assist <Target> - Assists whomever's name you type in place of target. Or if you don't type a name it'll target whatever your current target's targeting (aka assist them).

/assist on/off - Turns auto attack on assist on or off.

/assist group - Assists the Group MA

/assist Raid - Assists the Raid MA

/auc - Lets you type a chat message in the auction channel.

/autosplit - Automatically split coin with your group

/beta - TEST SERVER ONLY Automatically gives you level 25 with appropriate spells and gear

/book (1-50) - use this to automatically open your spell book to a specific page. Ex: /book 20 will open your spellbook to page 20.

/camp - Logs you out of the game

/cast (1 - 13) - Will let you cast the spell you have memorized in that spell gem slot.

/char - This will tell you all of the character's current bin points as well as their origin point.

/chatfontsize (1-5) - Changes the size of your chats font

/claim - This will open up the claim window.

/conset - This will give another player consent to drag your corpse

/clearchat - Clears your chat window of everything said recently (doesn't clear your Logs)

/con - Will check the level of your opponent and give you the traditional message depending on what the enemy cons.

/corpse - Target your corpse or another players corpse and use this command to pull it to you.

/corpsedrag - Use this command to start dragging a corpse (you can only drag 2 at a time)

/corpsedrop - Target a corpse and use this command to stop dragging it.

/decline - Use this to decline a duel.

/disc - Use this command to activate a discipline.

/disband - Removes you from your group or declines an invite.

/doability - Performs that numbered ability in the action window

/dismount - It's the /command for dismounting yourself.

/duck - This is the /command for ducking - you can also keybind duck.

/duel - Use this to duel another player.

/em - Use this to roleplay feelings or actions.

/ex - Automatically and instantly removes you from the game.

/find [NPC] - Use this command to skip the Find window and create an available path to this NPC. (Assuming there is one)

/follow - Use this to follow the player you're currently targeting.

/friend [Name] - Adds that player to your friends list.

/gems - Brings up the ingame game Gems.

/guilddelete - Deletes your guild (only usable by guild leaders)

/guildinvite - Invites your target to your guild.

/get - Shows you your current guild MOTD

/guildremove [Player] - Remove the player you indicate from the guild.

/guildstatus - Checks the status of the player's guild

/help - Lists some of the help features

/hidecorpse [all,npc,off,always,looted] - there are a few more but these are some of the more useful ones. This is one of the best /commands in the entire game. I use /hidecorpse always on basically every character and my healers use /hidecorpse npc when they go to rez, it's essential for their rez macros (which I will cover later).

/ignore [Player] - Puts that player on your ignore list

/hotbutton [Hotbutton Name/First Line of Hotbutton] - you can only do two entries when making a hotbutton. This is a very useful command that I cover more of in my Isboxer EQ guides.

/inspect - Inspects the player's equipment that you're currently targeting.

/inspectbuffs - Allows you to see another players buffs.

/invite - Invite the player you're targeting to a group (unless you /invite Name -- then it invites the player you indicate)

/keys - Lists all of the keys on your keyring

/lang - Shows you your current language.

/lfg - Toggles the LFG menu

/log - Toggles the ingame logging on or off. (Don't run logs on ALL characters whil boxing or it'll lag you... Also try not to run too many logs if you have an SSD)

/loadskin - Loads a skin

/loc - Displays your current location

/loot - You loot the corpse you're targeting

/makeleader - This passes leader to the player you're targeting. Use /makeleader <PlayerName> to give a specific person leader.

/lootnodrop [always,sometimes,never] - Changes the configuration of the NO DROP confirmation window.

/memspellset [Spell Set Name] - Use this to memorize a specific spell set. Extremely useful command.

/marknpc - Use this to mark the NPC. (Group leadership ability)

/motd - Pulls the current MOTD

/pause - Ingame Macro command

/played - Check your current /played time, total time on your account and the date/time your character was made.

/potionbelt - This lets you use items directly from your potionbelt.

/quit - removes you from the game.

/ran [## ##] - This rolls a set of dice. /ran 1 100 rolls a set of dice 1 to 100.

/role - Goes Roleplay on your character.

/rmarknpc [1,2,3] - Raid marks the NPC you're targeting with 1 2 or 3.

/rewind - use this when you get stuck, it may get you out

/shield - A Warrior skill that lets you shield a friendly player from damage.

/shownames [on/off] - This toggles showing ingame names on/off.

/showpcnames [on/off] - Toggles names on/off for player characters only.

/stopcast - Immediately stops the spell you're casting.

/stopsong - Immediately stops the song you're playing.

/sit - Sits your character's fat arse down.

/split [Plat Gold Silver Copper] - Use this command to split money with your group. /split 500 will split 500 plat. /split 500 50 will split 500 plat and 50 gold. Get it?

/surname - This changes or gives your character a surname.

/tar [Name] - Using this command targets a player, monster or object.

/time - Displays the ingame time.

/toggleinspect [on/off] - Toggles your ability to inspect people on right click on/off

/tgb [on/off] - Toggles group buff on/off. You need to turn this on to buff other groups with group buffs.

/trader - This is a Bazaar feature which allows you to setup a Bazaar Trader.

/useitem [## ##] - Uses an item that's equipped on you or out of your inventory.

/who - Shows you who is currently in your zone. You can also just do / and nothing else.

/who all <PlayerName> - Will give you information about just that player.

/who all friends - checks your friends list.

/xtarget - This is the command to use different aspects of the extended target window.