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Tips & Tricks for Titan Quest

This page is a list of Tips and Tricks for Titan Quest that I put together for new and veteran players alike. All of the tips on this page are in no specific order and they vary from being very commonly known tips to tips that most veterans won't even know. I wrote this guide in 2022 shortly after the Eternal Embers DLC was released to give you an idea of how old this information is.

Most Important Info:

- Titan Quest Talent Calculator
- TQ Database
- TQVaultAE
- TQDefilier


1. You can automatically pick up all Gold, Potions, Relics and Charms on the ground by pressing 'A'. Look in the Keybinds for the Quick Pick-Up option to rebind this key.

2. If you feel that the game is too slow open the options (Esc) and select Options Menu. In here you can change the Game Speed which will increase the speed your character moves as well as the speed of everything else in the game around you.

3. Using the Dye that is sold by vendors in each Act of Titan Quest will change the color of your character's tunic and sometimes even the style of the tunic. Ragnarok Dyes come sometimes put tattoos onto your characters!

4. When you use your auto-sort option in your inventory or caravan it will automatically combine any Charms/Relics that you have available.

5. Experienced players can skip almost all of normal difficulty by making an Accomplished Hero at the character select screen. Accomplished Heros start at the beginning of Act 5 at level 40. All of the rewards that you get through Normal will be granted to you as well. Sometimes you won't get your extra bag slots until Epic difficulty when you complete Act 1 again though.

6. When leveling up I typically do not spend Attribute Points until I know where I am going to put them. I'll know where I want to put them once I find gear that I want to use (assuming the gear is within my gear type). What I mean is, if I am a caster and I find a piece of gear with Strength I won't dump 100+ points into Strength to use it. However, if I find a piece of gear that requires 50 - 70 more Dex along with 20 - 30 Int I will dump Attribute Points into both Dex and Int until I can wear the gear. For a video explaining this more indepth check out my How to spend Attribute Points when leveling up video.

7. Don't feel bad about skipping enemies in Titan Quest. Every build has enemies that they are weak against and in Titan Quest it's very difficult to cap every single one of your Resistances. Sometimes it's better to just skip enemies that give you too much trouble than it is to kill them.

8. As stated in the last tip, it's very hard to max your Resistances in Titan Quest so it's recommended you carry around some swap gear for when you need it. Rings with different Resistances on them will help or having an Artifact that you can swap to depending on the fight will make a giant difference. Talisman of the Jade Emperor is the Artifact I use on any character that needs Elemental Resistances and Apples of Idun is the Artifact I use when I need more Vitality Resistance. I swap between these 2 items on some characters depending on the fight.

9. Some quests in Titan Quest give you permanent rewards for completing them. Make sure you never skip these quests on every character you play. If you're curious which quests these are check my Titan Quest Side Quests page or Titan Quest Walkthroughs page.

10. If you find that your character is constantly being killed from spike damage then you may want to increase your Resistances and/or Defensive Ability. Much like with all ARPG games increasing your Resistances is the most important thing for your character -- you will not survive in the later difficulties without some resists. Elemental Resistances are arguably the most important followed by Vitality, Pierce and Poison. Bleed Resist is the least useful in the game since very few enemies deal this form of damage. Act 5 is actually the only Act in the game where you'll find some value in Bleed Resist.

As for Defensive Ability, this works similarly to how armor works in other games. Basically, Defensive Ability will reduce the incoming damage from melee attacks and also reduce the chance of melee attacks hitting you with critical hits. Allegedly according to the tooltip Defensive Ability also increases your dodge chance but I think what it means is increases the chance of enemies missing you with their attacks. On Legendary difficulty it's recommended to have at least 1000 Defensive Ability in total; 400 - 600 is recommended for Epic.

11. Offensive Ability is the sister stat to Defensive Ability. Increasing Offensive Ability will increase your chances of hitting your target and scoring a critical hit against your target. Each time an enemy attacks you or you attack an enemy there is a roll performed; if an enemy is attacking you their Offensive Ability is checked against your Defensive Ability and vice versa if you're attacking them. If the enemy attacking you has much higher Offensive Ability than your Defensive Ability they'll likely score a critical hit against you. To flip this around, if you have much higher Defensive Ability than their Offensive Ability they will likely miss you.

12. If you find Titan Quest too easy you can use the Xmax mod to make it more challenging. It should be available on the Steam Workshop at Nexus Mods and any other location that distributes mods for games. Xmax increases enemy and boss spawns -- you can make double, triple or even quadruple boss and enemy spawns.

13. Enemy hits don't deal damage to your character in Titan Quest until the animation is complete. If you're quick enough at reacting you can run out of range of their attack to avoid it when the animation first begins.

14. In Titan Quest there is a unique genre of items called Monster Infrequents. These items infrequently drop off monsters of a specific type usually in a specific act. What makes these items worth mentioning (and valuable) is they typically have a very powerful base along with a chance of rolling a prefix and a suffix. Due to this, a well rolled Monster Infrequent has the potential to be one of the best items in the entire game. If you'd like to see some lists of Monster Infrequents I felt best to single out check out my 2 guides... List of the best Beginner Monster Infrequents and List of the best Monster Infrequents.

15. The fastest way to level up in Titan Quest is through Grave EXP Farming. With this method you can reach level 85 in under a few hours.

16. For those of you who would like to learn more of the math behind how Titan Quest works check out this Indepth Damage Mechanics Guide on Steam.

17. Want to know which gear combinations are the most over powered? Check out my List of OP Gear Combinations page for more information.

18. When leveling up you'll typically want to invest most of your Skill Points into a single mastery until you're high enough level to properly synergize your 2 masteries.